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Creativity is your Superpower!

Creativity is a birthright of all humans not a rare gift reserved just for “artists.” All people are instinctively creative and deserve the opportunity and encouragement to express themselves and create their best life.

Creativity is an approach to living. It enriches and enlivens everything we do. Creativity is much bigger than just art–it is a way of seeing the world that must be cultivated to reach our full potential.

Process over Product.  To deeply nurture creativity, you must value the creative process and look at its product as secondary–the artifact of your looking, thinking, and making.

Creativity cannot be forced, pressured or bullied. It can only be invited, nurtured, and cultivated. Working harder isn’t usually the answer –too much pressure actually shuts down creativity. Instead, try curiosity, wonder and play!

The heart of creativity is curiosity, playfulness and wonder. A culture of creativity encourages imagination and includes the permission to safely fail. That is as true of the culture of your team as it is of the culture of the “peanut gallery” inside your own head.

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My Juicy Journal e-course

Your journal can absolutely be the safe, delightful, and irresistible place that you can’t wait to get to every day. It can be your haven, your playground, and your creative co-conspirator. Your journal can easily fill your well so full that your creativity overflows into the rest of your life. The trick is knowing how to do it!

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Painting Retreats

The combination of intention and creativity are a potent mix – to heal, reveal, and re-write the narratives that are shaping your life. Experience the transformative and healing power of Intentional Creativity-- and leave with your journey crystallized into a painting of your own legendary archetype. No painting experience required!

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Creative Life Coaching

What you long to do is what you are supposed to do! You have not been seeded with someone else’s dream! That deep creative longing you have—it’s yours. No one but you can manifest it. You are a sacred creative being and the world needs your work. The good news is that you don’t have to manifest it alone.


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It is a humbling--and exhilarating--experience to surrender again and again to the creative process.  My job is to listen, and keep showing up to the canvas.

My art is my blessing. May it inspire, encourage, guide, and comfort those who it was created for.

Katherine Torrini, Creative Catalyst stick person