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Visual Thinking is your Business Superpower!

You need to innovate to thrive in today’s business world—and for innovation you need creativity.
How do you nurture that kind of culture? Start with a Visual Thinking Training from Creative Catalyst!

Doodle your Way to Better Business Results

We can empower your team to listen, learn, communicate, collaborate and sell their ideas better —just by activating a dormant skill they all already have: doodling and visual thinking.

What you’ll see from your team right away:

  •  visual note taking for better retention
    words + pictures make memories stickier!
  •  thought sketching for better collaboration and innovation unleash their back of the napkin brilliance!
  •  flip chart magic for better pitches and presentations
    show me and I remember…
  •  visual storytelling for swaying 💙s and 🧠s!
    power of visuals  power of stories🟰superpower! 

The Secret to a True Culture of Creativity

Part of the magic of our approach is that we put as much emphasis on cultivating psychological safety and a learning mindset as we do on teaching your team to doodle. We call it “Dare to Suck”—and it’s critical to creating a true culture of creativity.

Think about it: How comfortable are you trying something new, that you’re not good at, that could make you look stupid in front of your boss— and your colleagues?! Trust me — if your team were already comfortable “daring to suck” you wouldn’t need us to activate their creativity!

No Talent or Skill Required!

If you can “only draw stick figures,” then you’re in luck– because that’s all you and your team need! No “talent” or experience required. Truly. Visual thinking is not about ART, it’s about IDEAS. Let us teach your team to share their ideas more powerfully in our fun and empowering workshops.

“Katherine has a knack for pushing you out of your comfort zone, but always with a ton of support and encouragement.”

“So many new ideas and inspiration!”

“I really responded to Katherine’s positivity.”