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Innovators we’ve worked with:
Slack and United Way have used Katherine Torrini
Coca-Cola and DellEMC clients of Katherine Torrini
NASA and UPS love Katherine Torrini
Southwest Airlines and KPMG rave about Katherine Torrini
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Watch mural-sized infographics appear before your eyes at conferences, strategy sessions, corporate retreats and team building events!
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Resolve complex problems by harnessing the intelligence of the room through interactive visuals that organize thinking, guide problem-solving, and focus action.
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Whiteboard Videos

Make your story, brand or product unforgettable with hand drawn videos that inform, engage, surprise and delight.
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Visual Thinking Training

Drive innovation & activate your team’s creativity by using your whole brain to think, communicate and collaborate better.
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My Juicy Journal e-course

Discover the creative freedom to be found between the pages of a blank book!

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Painting Retreats

Transform your life story through paint. No painting experience required!
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Creative Life Coaching

What you long to do is what you are supposed to do! The world needs your work. The good news is that you don’t have to do it alone.

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My art is my blessing. May it inspire, encourage, guide, and comfort those who it was created for. If that is you, welcome!

Did you know CREATIVITY is one of the most sought after LEADERSHIP QUALITIES in a CEO?



–IBM Global CEO Study

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