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“People cannot resist a human hand drawing.”

Dan Roam, Back of the Napkin

The story of your event captured in real time

Imagine watching a mural-sized info-graphic appear before your eyes as you attend a talk, conference, corporate retreat or team building event. Graphic Recording mesmerizes viewers and brings your content to life in colorful words and pictures that are visible, tangible, actionable and unforgettable!

Let’s face it, while your speakers worked really hard on their presentations, your participants will only remember a fraction of what they hear from the podium. Graphic Recording gives them a high-level visual touchstone of the major themes, ideas, and messages– one that they feel “ownership” of because they were there when it happened– and one they can’t wait to share–internally with peers/reports or externally on social media

So Much More than Just Pretty Pictures…


Curating your Content

Would you believe that 90% of what we do, you don’t actually see? The real-time filtering and curation of your content amplifies your core themes and strengthens your overall message.

Capturing Key Themes

We extract and distill key messages and weave them into a highly relatable visual story– rich in images, color, emotion and metaphor, so participants make sense of what they hear.

Sparking Rich Memories

We organize and “essence-ize” what we record, so the content on the boards at the end of the session is just right– enough to spark rich memories and curiosity, not overwhelm.

The Power of Metaphor

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a metaphor is worth a million. In our experience the charts with the most lasting impact–both during and after the event– have a primary visual metaphor embedded in their design from the beginning. We work with you before your event to align visual themes and metaphors with the “secret mission” of your event, so your desired outcome is communicated on many levels–both literally and figuratively.

Graphic Recording Moody College by Creative Catalyst, Katherine Torrini
Graphic Recording Dell Medical School by Creative Catalyst, Katherine Torrini

Our Specialty

We are passionate about the power of human potential– our individual and collective ability to transform into our best selves. We partner with visionary leaders, facilitators and event planners to inspire, support and catalyze learning and meaningful change in individuals, teams, organizations.

We love to cultivate long-term relationships with leaders, facilitators, planners and attendees, contributing to their personal and professional evolution over time. Our favorite type of engagement? We light up when we get to support groups who are inventing their future together right there in the room!

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Leaves Meeting Audience Amazed

“Katherine is a very creative and impactful graphic recorder. I have seen her work her magic multiple times and every time, her graphic recording leaves the meeting audience amazed. She helps make strategic ideas come to life and makes meetings enjoyable, memorable and most importantly, effective! I whole heartedly recommend Katherine to any firm, which is implementing new strategies and would like help communicating their ideas more effectively”

Kumar Anbalagan Pillai

Principal Product Manager, Amazon, Austin, TX

Exceeded Expectations

“Katherine, firstly, is just a bright ray of sunshine of a person. Secondly she’s an absolute professional and did a fantastic job with our project. She understood exactly what we needed immediately and saved us a lot of time in having to explain our expectations. And one final note on expectations, she exceeded them. Highly recommend this very creative and talented individual.”

Tommy Gomez

Creative Director and Marketing Strategist

Raise Retention of Information

“Katherine’s ability to provide a piece of ‘art’; that represents the high points of a presentation while being unobtrusive is nothing short of amazing. When you are ready to significantly raise the rate of your employees ability to retain information, call Katherine. Her professionalism and talent is unmatched.”

Mary K Dunn BCS, BCC

Leadership Coach and Speaker


What’s the best way use the Graphic Recordings during the event?
Continue the conversation by displaying the charts in areas where people congregate– like break & expo areas and food and beverage stations. (Some clients transport the day’s charts to the restaurant where the dinner event is scheduled, to display during the cocktail hour)

Create “buzz” by inviting participants to share the boards via social media with #hashtags conveniently listed on charts themselves.

Deepen the learning by incorporating a “gallery walk” into the design of your event, for integration and reflection at the end of the day or the beginning of the next day.

Get media exposure by inviting the press (or your internal photographers) to photograph and/or interview speakers in front of the completed charts. They make for much better visuals than just talking heads behind a podium!

What should we do with the full-size graphic recordings after the event?
The full-size Graphic Recording charts/boards are yours to keep! There are usually considered a “prize” by anyone who gets to keep one in their office, but you can also use them to…

  • Continue the conversation long after the meeting is over by displaying the boards in your office foyer or conference room or break area.
  • Raise scholarship money by raffling them off in a silent auction.
  • Delight your speakers by giving them as gifts to the presenters.
How can we best use the digital chart images after the event?
A digitally enhanced image of every chart– perfect for sharing online, in social-media posts, or small-format printing (up to 8 1/2 x 11″) — is included in your event fee. These images can help you:

  • Stand out by printing branded Mini-posters as event takeaways
  • Reconnect with your participants through a post-event email
  • Create thoughtful follow-up gifts like thank you cards or other printed products
  • Spread the message throughout your organization with Visual Meeting Reports
  • Promote your next event with the engaging visuals that pique people’s curiosity
  • Communicate internally and externally as newsletter and press release additions
  • Attract attention on social media by using the charts (or people in front of charts) as unique social media headers
Can Graphic Recording be done digitally?
Yes, we also offer digital graphic recording done on an iPad and projected in real time so attendees have the same magical “I-was-there-when-it-happened!” experience. The same day-rate applies, whether you choose digital or traditional graphic recording.

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