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Visual Stories for your Brand

Add the power of visual storytelling to the magic of a human hand drawing and you get the visual magic of Drawmation Studios whiteboard videos! Katherine co-founded Drawmation Studios in 2014 with Austin filmmaker Stephen Bohls to make your story, brand or product unforgettable with sketch videos that inform, engage, surprise and delight.

Collaboration is our Specialty

We expertly coach you to tell the most compelling story of your product or service, then refine your script and visual story to make it irresistible. Then we bring it to life in hand drawn pictures, complete with music and professional voice-over.

We walk you step by step through the process so that you can be a part of all the fun stuff  (brainstorming, story and character development) and you can leave all the rest to us  (production, editing, voice-over, audio-engineering and post-production). That makes it easy and fun to get a video that really captures the essence of your brand. One of our repeat clients told us she couldn’t wait to work with us again because “it’s the most fun I have in my job!”

Whiteboard videos are great for:

  • web ads & TV commercials
  • website landing pages
  • internal corporate communications
  • conference and keynote openers
  • “explainer” videos
  • Social media campaigns

What’s the difference between Graphic Recording and Whiteboard Videos?

While on the surface the end results can look similar, the process for creating a graphic recording and a whiteboard video are completely different. A graphic recording is more like an improv theater show (created on the spot by a highly trained improviser) and a whiteboard video is more like a movie (scripted, edited and produced by our visual storytellers, complete with soundtrack and post-production special effects!). Before shooting a whiteboard video, every word is carefully scripted and every storyboard is pre-approved by the client.

Client Projects

Hyland OnBase Paperless Solutions

We worked with three different departments of Hyland OnBase, a Enterprise Content Management Company, to show the power of going paperless–beyond just saving paper. By telling the story of how old, paper-heavy processes affected college enrollment, civic development and and the sanity of municipal clerks, we make the case for going paperless with irresistible humor.

Turn Transcripts Into an Enrollment Asset

Less Paper, Better Meetings

Love Your Town, Love Your Plan Review Process

Dell Rugged Laptops & Servers

We worked with the Dell Marketing team to showcase their Rugged line of indestructible laptops, servers and accessories. We went to the ends of the earth–drawing deserts, oil rigs and deserted islands–to tell the story of what’s possible with Dell Rugged products.

Dell Rugged Industrial

Dell Rugged Military

Dell Power Edge Servers

We worked with the Dell Enterprise Social Media team to launch their Next Generation Power Edge Servers.  We chose playful imagery like building blocks and vintage video games to show the versatility of the new servers. We also highlighted the freedom that Dell’s new mobile app gives data center managers, through the compelling story of a mother freed from her laptop so she didn’t have to miss her son’s baseball game.

The Possibilities are Endless


Fresh Air

Big Data

“I worked with Katherine and Stephen on a video series in support of a major launch of Dell Servers and supporting technology. They understood immediately what I was going for, took the ball and ran with it, and came up with some brilliant ideas of their own. The videos were lively, engaging, and beautifully executed. They are a pleasure to work with and highly talented. I would recommend them to anyone.”
Sarah Vela

Enterprise Solutions Social Media & Community Consultant, DellEMC

Have Markers, Will Travel!

“I strongly recommend working with Katherine Torrini and Drawmation Studios for their unique style of video production. Perhaps the most important thing to do when providing a creative service for a client is to make sure that everyone is on the same page about the goals and the vision. Katherine has always impressed me with her ability to help the client define those and then create a production plan that follows. The process after that is not only smooth and easy but also fun. We have created numerous projects together that I am very proud of.”
Carlos Andrés Reina

Principal and Director of Client Services, Fit To Tweet