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Unlock the Wisdom of the Room

Imagine working through complex problems in a structured process that harnesses the group intelligence of the room– working through issues and capturing insights on visual templates that organize your thinking, guide your problem-solving, and focus your actions. Visual Facilitation empowers participants to see where they are and where to go by literally getting everyone on the same page. Great for:

  •  Strategic Visioning & Planning
  •  Ideation & Brainstorming
  •  Team Building
  •  Culture Change & Change Management
  •  Consensus Building & Initiative Rollout

What’s the difference between Graphic Recording and Visual Facilitation?

A Graphic Recorder works with and supports the meeting facilitator(s), but does not run your meeting. A Visual Facilitator (also called Graphic Facilitator) uses visual tools & techniques to design and run your meeting and is responsible for meeting activities, timing, outcomes (some of which may be graphic recordings!)

Client Stories in Visual Facilitation

Visual Team Building

When the NASA International Space Station Communications Team came together, one of the key objectives was to create connections between widely dispersed, fairly autonomous teams. Katherine collaborated with the facilitators to transform team introductions from a boring formality into a lively and strategic team building exercise that offered energizing breaks in between the other sessions. First, attendees paired up and briefly interviewed one another. They then introduced their partner to the group and Katherine captured interesting details for each person on the “Starts of the Show” board. The board was completed a few “stars” at a time over the two-day retreat.

Visioning with Collage

An HR Team split into groups and used images collaged together to envision of kind of success that would put them on the cover of an industry magazine.

They found the process so effective, the following year they used collage again to envision their ideal workplace. While each group presented their ideas, Katherine wrote down themes on large post-it notes. The team then grouped and prioritized the themes and Katherine completed the exercise by synthesizing them onto the final chart.

Visual Values & Namestorming

When start-up hotel developer beausoleil wanted to nail down the name, mission and values for her project, Katherine facilitated the team retreat using post-it notes for ideating and custom templates to focus the group’s work.

Working visually super-charged brainstorming and kept the session goals visible the whole time, which sped up decision making, facilitated consensus, and allowed for a great deal to be completed in a short amount of time.

Inspired Action & Focused Follow Up

We designed custom letter-sized template for “HR Revolution” participants to keep their follow up actions top of mind–and connected to the motivation of their “big why”.

Have Markers, Will Travel!

We are based in Austin, Texas, and travel nationally and internationally with markers in hand to bring the visual magic to you!

We’d love to bring our visual magic to your event!

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Great Tools & Processes

“Great tools and processes! Using a visualization exercise, Katherine quickly helped me tap into my deepest wisdom and develop a concrete personal directive that helped me to approach decision making in my creative and professional work.”

Melinda Rothouse, M.A.

Leadership Coach & Facilitator

Catalyzed a New Level of Thinking

“Katherine brought our ideas to life in so many ways. Her visual facilitation helped crystalize our Transformational Branding Process into an eloquent visual model that easily differentiates us from other firms.

She also catalyzed a new level of thinking and clarity around our process. She was very attentive to the group, her radar always tuned in to the unfolding process and the best way forward towards our goal. Her talent and expertise took our communication to a new level.”

Tuck Kamin

Branding Strategist and Author of Design Your Age

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