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Graphic Facilitation for HR Team by Creative Catalyst, Katherine Torrini

Working through Complexity

An HR team used post-it notes to brainstorm, group, prioritize and connect detailed tactics in their Strategic Plan on a custom “Strategy Streams” chart.

Defusing Resistance

A tell-tale sign you are on the verge of transformation is the appearance of resistance– the blocks that stop changes from being implemented. This is as true of groups as it is of individuals. Because of her coaching background and specialization in resistance to change, Katherine facilitated this session during the Child Poverty Summit by the United Way of Northwest Arkansas. She knew that if the blocks that stopped participants from getting involved were not aired, they would stifle their change efforts. As soon as participants became aware of and reflected on their blocks, they could easily come up with solutions to get what they needed and be able to take action and make a difference.

Graphic Facilitation for United Way of Northwest Arkansas by Creative Catalyst, Katherine Torrini