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An inspiring 30-day eCourse in Visual Journaling
with Journaling Crusader, Katherine Torrini

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Of course you love journals! You just never actually use one…

Instead you…

  • fill your shelves with blank books too gorgeous to use
  • won’t let yourself start one more journal…until you finish the last 7 that you started.
  • love buying art supplies so much …that you never actually get around to using them
  • make sure every journal page is perfect…by leaving it perfectly blank.
  • never waste art supplies–because you never let yourself use any!

You’ve tried journaling before–or wanted to. Maybe it felt hard or boring–or like too much writing.  Maybe you felt silly or pressured to create a masterpiece. Maybe you thought journaling wasn’t for you, but most likely your Inner Critic got in there and shut it all down…

Imagine if...

  • You woke up with a sparkle in your eye, looking forward to your day…
  • Creative ideas popped up for you all day long…
  • You had the energy, focus, motivation to turn those ideas into completed projects…
  • You couldn’t help pulling out old projects and finishing them up in your spare time…
  • Everyone commented on how much fun you were to be around…
  • You felt confident, inspired, overflowing with energy…
  • You inspired other Creative Sparks to venture out with their creativity…
  • You doodled, sketched, and played in your journal every day…

My Juicy Journal from Katherine Torrini

The secret to creative freedom

Your journal can absolutely be the safe, delightful, and irresistible place that you can’t wait to get to every day. It can be your haven, your playground, and your creative co-conspirator. Your journal can easily fill your well so full that your creativity overflows into the rest of your life. The trick is knowing how to do it!

After 12 years of regular journaling and over 100 completed journals, I’ve found the secret to making a juicy journaling practice an easy, natural, and almost effortless part of my life. And the rest of my life has gotten so much juicier as a result!

You’re talking to a journaling crusader

Over the seven years I’ve taught visual journaling classes, I’ve watched dozens of students light up and get the journaling “bug.” Their lives have blossomed right along with their journals. I believe in this amazing work so much I proudly call myself a Journaling Crusader. I was thrilled to finally make this magic accessible to everyone through this e-course version of my popular class.

Coffeeshop art by Katherine Torrini

The Juice is in the Journal!

You can journal while you brush your teeth! Creative Catalyst

In this 30-day e-course you will:

  • Discover a daily journaling practice that’s fun, easy and irresistible
  • Experience guilt-free creative play
  • Lose your fear of the blank page, “wasting paper” and “messing up”
  • Learn to Kick your Inner Critic out of your journal
  • Re-assign the “Journal Police” to protect you instead of criticize you
  • Re-write the rules for journaling–your way
  • Gain the freedom and confidence to express whatever comes up for you
  • Watch your creative juices overflow joyfully into your “normal” life
  • Connect with an online creative tribe of Juicy Journalers from around the world

                            and…as an added bonus….

  • Create an incredible visual touchstone of your life (your Juicy Journal!)


“I realized I shouldn’t feel guilty when I do my stuff just for me. It was fun and liberating to know you can learn good habits for things you want to do.”


Austin, Texas

“Delighted! Right amount of structure and freedom to work. I found many doorways to creativity in this course”

Jean Boehm

Austin, TX

All for only $49!

  • Price: $49.00

How My Juicy Journal Works:

FLEXIBLE STRUCTURE: The Secret to getting to the page!

  • 3 Pages a Day, You Choose the Way“ is the flexible daily structure of the course–- how you do your pages is up to you!
  • Daily e-mail Journal Sparks are your morsels of inspiration–but you are free to use them –or not–on any day of the course.
  • 5-minute Pages: Your daily journal pages can be completed in as little or as much time as you wish–even in as little as 5 minutes a day!

DAILY INSPIRATION: 30 days of  Juicy Journal “Sparks”

  • Examples: playful examples from my very own journal pages
  • How-to: simple instructions to do it yourself
  • Tips & Tricks: set you up for success
  • Adventure Club: take it to the next level
  • Inner Critic Alert: what to watch out for to keep that sneaky Inner Critic out of your journal!
  • 3 full-color VISUAL TEMPLATES to download, print and use again and again

STRONG START:  90-minute Foundation VIDEO

  • Get inspired to finally make the visual journal you’ve always wanted
  • Learn how, when, why and where to journal
  • Discover what’s stopping you from journaling
  • Dissolve your blocks to journaling
  • 5 quick tricks to do your pages in :05 minutes or less
  • Restart Button to get back on track if you miss a day
  • Video Class is available to watch as many times as you like in the class library


You supply the blank book, basic art supplies and a willingness to play and experiment!