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You have not been seeded with someone else’s dream!

That deep creative longing you have—it’s yours. No one but you can manifest it. But the good news is that you do not have to manifest it alone. (In fact, trying to do it all by yourself is a part of why it has been so hard!)

You have been given the exact gifts, tools, resources (and even challenges) that you need to manifest what wants to be born through you.

You are a sacred creative being –and the world needs your work. And while it takes great courage to walk a path of your own design, it need not be one of solitude, suffering or sacrifice. (That’s one old story that you can ditch immediately!)

My Specialty

My specialty is turning the steps towards your dream into an irresistible game, rather than something you avoid.

We deconstruct the stressful, boxed-in life you’ve created for yourself and we invent something juicier and more exhilarating instead. Then we make it real!


What you can expect:

  • dissolve your creative blocks
  • get creative everyday– with joy, ease and delight!
  • feel alive again–healthier, happier, spark-ier!
  • have more time, more energy, and more FUN
  • make rapid progress towards your creative goals

What I love about being your coach:

We revel in our role as your cheerleader and #1 fan. Don’t be surprised if we check in with you between sessions, send you an inspirational text, or a visual touchstone we’ve created just for you. You can expect a lot more celebration than you’re used to!

As a key member of your support team, I delight in hearing from you between sessions—whether it’s a “look-mom!” snapshot of your latest creation, an inner critic victory, or a quick pity-party about some unexpected results (i.e. failure).

I love making you right. When you’re feeling wrong or “in the doghouse,” I get curious about the healthy need that’s being filled by your “self-sabotaging” behavior.  We acknowledge your need, and simply find a juicier–and gentler–way to fill it.

I get a kick out of converting your Inner Critics into a highly effective Inner Team, who all put their energy towards making your dreams come true–rather than fighting amongst themselves and beating up on you.

It is deeply satisfying to see you learn to access your own wisdom and to trust your intuition, desires and unique way of being and creating in the world.

I love watching your creativity light up your whole life–personally, professionally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

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One of the Best Investments I’ve Ever Made

Coaching has been one of the best investments of time and money I have ever made. My favorite thing about coaching is that it creates a safe segment of my life that I spend with a mentor – where I have permission to be exactly who I am, and I also have permission to figure out what I wish to be. We all deserve to live our lives with joy and love, creativity and light. Coaching is a powerful way to figure out how to do exactly that.”

Tracy Castro

graphic & web designer, Fair Morning Blue

Serious Work with Real Results

“Now that I’ve had a taste of the freedom coaching brings, I couldn’t imagine my life without it. Katherine has helped me reinvigorate my creative practice, move forward in my career, and reconnect with myself. Her practice is fun, but don’t be fooled- this is serious work with real results.”

Sara Robberson Lentz

Managing Editor/Digital Content Producer, University of Texas at Austin

Sacred Spark Creativity Incubator

I periodically opens up a select number of spots in my Sacred Spark Mentorship program–a private six-month Creativity Incubator for women ready to birth their creative dreams.

The Sacred Spark Creativity Incubator is for you if you are ready to:

  • unapologetically claim your creative calling—in whatever form that takes
  • rearrange your life and work to reflect your deepest values and your true priorities
  • Let go of commitments, beliefs, habits—even relationships—than no longer serve you.
  • Embrace and accept support at a level you never have before (this is mission critical!)
  • Surrender to the process of creation, over and over, without attachment to the product.
  • Take concrete steps to making your vision real, take leaps of faith and lean in to your fear
  • Dive deep into what makes you tick –your light and your shadow—and be willing to alchemize it all with love

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The world needs your work!