There are so many reasons to journal!

Way more than just a diary, visual journaling is a way to think out loud on paper, to play, to rest, to figure things out, to activate your visual thinking and to connect to your creativity. Why do you journal? (or want to?)

Why do YOU Journal … or want to?

If inspired, do your own “Why Journal?” page ( …and it doesn’t have to look pretty like in the video!)

Inner Critic Alert: Don’t let your Inner Critic look down on any of the things this creative practice gives you — the joy, the fun, the validation, the little kid glee– all of it matters. Anything you’re embarrassed of DEFINITELY goes on the page here!

…and share your reasons in a comment below!


Want help getting started? or learn how to have more fun in your journal?

Come join the party at My Juicy Journal!

My Juicy Journal from Katherine Torrini

The juice is in the journal…

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