An inspiring 30-day eCourse in Visual Journaling: Self-Study Version
with Journaling Crusader and Creative Life Coach, Katherine Torrini

Of course you love journals! You just never actually use one

Instead you… 

  • fill your shelves with blank books too gorgeous to use
  • won’t let yourself start one more journal…until you finish the last 7 that you started.
  • love buying art supplies so much …that you never actually get around to using them
  • make sure every journal page is perfect…by leaving it perfectly blank.
  • never waste art supplies–because you never let yourself use any!

You’ve tried journaling before–or wanted to. Maybe it felt hard or boring–or like too much writing.  Maybe you felt silly or pressured to create a masterpiece. Maybe you thought journaling wasn’t for you, but most likely your Inner Critic got in there and shut it all down.

The Juice is in the JournalThe juice is in the journal!

Imagine if…

  • you woke up with a sparkle in your eye, looking forward to your day
  • creative ideas popped up all day long–while working, carpooling, even doing dishes!
  • you had the energy, focus, motivation to turn those ideas into completed projects
  • you couldn’t help pulling out old projects and finishing them up in your spare time
  • everyone commented on how much fun you were to be around
  • you felt confident, inspired, overflowing with energy
  • you inspired other Creative Sparks to venture out with their creativity
  • you doodled, sketched, and played in your journal every day


The secret to creative freedom

Your journal can absolutely be the safe, delightful, and irresistible place that you can’t wait to get to every day. It can be your haven, your playground, and your creative co-conspirator. Your journal can easily fill your well so full that your creativity overflows into the rest of your life. The trick is knowing how to do it!

After 10 years of regular journaling and over 75 completed journals, I’ve found the secret to making a juicy journaling practice an easy, natural, and almost effortless part of my life. And the rest of my life has gotten so much juicier as a result!

You’re talking to a journaling crusader

Over the four years I’ve taught visual journaling classes in Austin, Tx  I’ve watched dozens of students light up and get the journaling “bug.” Their lives have blossomed right along with their journals. I believe in this amazing work so much I proudly call myself a Journaling Crusader. I’m thrilled to finally make this magic accessible to Creative Sparks everywhere through this e-course version of my popular class. 

In this 30-day e-course you will:

Draw Your Lunch

• Discover a daily journaling practice that’s fun, easy and irresistible
• Experience guilt-free creative play
Lose your fear of the blank page, “wasting paper” and “messing up”
• Learn to Kick your Inner Critic out of your journal
Re-assign the “Journal Police” to protect you instead of criticize you
Re-write the rules for journaling–your way
• Gain the freedom and confidence to express whatever comes up for you
• Watch your creative juices overflow joyfully into your “normal” life
• Connect with an online creative tribe of Juicy Journalers from around the world

                            and…as an added bonus….

•Create an incredible visual touchstone of your life (your Juicy Journal!)

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“I have become inspired to create again! Journal pages are an easy outlet
because they don’t have to be works of art every time. I have stopped worrying
about it being perfect. I recommend this course because it will inspire
you and loosen you up to see what really matters.”-
Art Guilt Goddess, Austin, Tx

“Thank you for opening up your amazing journals for us!
I thought journaling had to be all writing. Seeing that you did so many fun things
in your journal gave me permission NOT to have to write in mine.
This course is awesome!
Allison, artist & life coach for young women


How My Juicy Journal e-course Works:

You supply the blank book, art supplies and a willingness to play and experiment. I supply the inspiration, structure and support you need to make daily visual journaling a practical, irresistible habit.

 Start Strong: 90-minute Foundation Audio

  • get inspired to finally make the visual journal you’ve always wanted
  • learn when, why, where, and how to journal
  • discover what’s stopping you from journaling
  • dissolve your journaling blocks
  • discover 5 quick tricks to do your pages in 5 minutes or less
  • walk away with a “re-start button” to get back on track if you miss a day
  • this recorded call is available to listen anytime in the class library

Flexible Structure: the secret to getting to the page

  • 3 Pages a Day; You Choose the Way is the flexible daily structure of the course–how you do your pages is up to you!
  • Daily e-mail Journal prompts are your morsels of inspiration–but you are free to use them –or not–on any day of the course.
  • Your daily journal pages can be completed in as little or as much time as you wish–even in as little as 5 minutes a day!

Daily Inspiration: 30 days of  Juicy Journal email prompts

Emails include:

    • Examples: playful examples from my very own journal pages
    • How-to: simple instructions to do it yourself
    • Tips & Tricks: set you up for success
    • Adventure Club: take it to the next level
    • Inner Critic Alert: what to watch out for to keep that sneaky Inner Critic out of your journal!

Support of Your Tribe

Now I know if this were easy to do by yourself, you’d have already done it! I know from personal and professional experience that SUPPORT IS THE #1 SECRET to creative success.  And a creative tribe makes it all so much more fun! So there’s support built in to My Juicy Journal.

You’ll be a part of a private facebook forum for sharing:

  • successes, wins, ah-has!
  • questions or frustrations,
  • challenges, blocks and Inner Critic sightings
  • encouragement to get back on track if you miss a day
  • show and tell of all the cool stuff you’ll be doing!

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“Delighted! Right amount of structure and freedom to work.
I found many doorways to creativity in this course”—Jean Boehm, Austin Tx

“I realized I shouldn’t feel guilty when I do my stuff just for me.
It was fun and liberating to know you can learn good habits
for things you want to do.”—S.R.B. Austin, Tx


But wait…there’s more! Celebrity Guest Bonuses:


Allison Crow

Inspiring interview with goddess of color & creativity, Allison Crow, Soul-full Life & Business Coach
This juicy journaler and doodle diva is the creator of the popular online course
Meditating and Manifesting with MarkersAllison shares how doodling
in your journal can be a delicious tool for manifesting you dreams!


Learn about the magic of journal free-writing from Cynthia Morris,
writing & creativity coach, mentor and author of the newly published novel Chasing Cynthia Beach.
Cynthia will also be sharing 3 of her favorite techniques from her e-book:

Creative Toolkit for Travelers (which I have personally taken to Europe with me.)
Trust me–You’re going to love the Alphabet Game !


Maria Gatlingartist, blogger, and co-founder of,
explains how pausing each day to create something–however small–is the key
to living a rich, sustainable creative life. Her bonus video shares the approach
behind her her Creative Every Day workbook and creativity sessions.


You get all this:

  • 90-minute Foundation Audio with all you need to get started
  • 30 days of inspiring Visual Journaling prompts
  • 4 full-color VISUAL TEMPLATES to download, print and use again and again
  • Private facebook forum for support and sharing
  • Private class library for easy access to all course audios, videos, and templates
  • Exclusive Access to all celebrity guest bonuses
  • Option to add one private Creative Life Coaching session with me for only $99 ($150 value)
    Perfect if you’ve got a tough Inner Critic or some especially fiendish Journal Police!


All for only $99!

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“This class has been so wonderful for me! Playing in my journal really opened me up to ideas.
It doesn’t have to be so serious! Just get the paints/markers out and see what happens.
That I filled a journal is so satisfying. I want to keep working in it. ”
P. Rhodes, baker

“I loved the visual journal! Somehow it made a “click” for me in the collage work I do and teach.”
Heidi Schlenk, artist and life coach


journal juice boxFrequently Asked Questions:

How will this class help me? It will give you all the inspiration, structure, support and accountability you need to make a daily journaling practice an easy, regular part of your life.

What if I’ve never journaled before? Perfect! You’re going to have a blast and create some great habits from scratch.

What if I already keep a journal–what is there for me ? There are dozens of new, whimsical approaches to your daily pages that will juice up your creativity and have you fall in love with your journal all over again. Seasoned journalers have been thrilled with my courses and found new freedom and avenues for expression.

I’m used to writing in my journal. Do I have to do the visual stuff? You are the boss of your journal and you always get to choose how you do your daily pages. You can doodle them, write them or even finger-paint them!

Find Your FeetDo I have to be an artist or a writer?--Absolutely not! You may actually find it easier to play on your pages with less pressure to “perform”.

Do I have to show anyone my journal? Absolutely not! Your journal is a sacred space and for your eyes only—unless you choose to share. It’s completely up to you.

I’m confused–do I journal online or in a book? You do your journaling on paper, in a blank book. What makes this an e-course is that all the course materials, bonuses, support and journal prompts can be accessed online from anywhere in the world.

Do I have to use the journal prompts you send, or can I do what I want? You can always do your pages any way you want. The prompts are for inspiration, but you may use them –or not–on any day you choose.

What if I miss a day or get behind? Give yourself a hug and start again. Do whatever makes it easy to come back to the page and keep going.

write on a leaf polaroidI’m not in Austin. Can I participate? You sure can! You can participate from anywhere in the world as long as you have email access, and an internet connection.

What kind of supplies do I need? Are they expensive? You’ll need a blank un-lined journal and a few other basic supplies that you probably already have lying around. All daily prompts can be completed with basic, inexpensive supplies. A full supply list will be provided upon registration.

I don’t like drawing, do I have to draw? nope, not a line. (unless you want to!)

I don’t like writing, do I have to write? nope, not a word (unless you want to!)

I have young children and don’t have time to journal everyday. How can I participate? This course is designed to be flexible. It can be done in 5 minutes a day if you choose. Even busy moms can find 5 minutes for themselves in a day. (I know, because I’ve been a busy mom and a juicy journaler since my kids were born over 10 years ago!) 


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“My visual journal gives me a space to be creative and fun, to inspire myself and express goals,
think out loud on paper. It is a fun and easy way to work through real issues and blocks that
hinder my creativity”. H.B., freelance writer

“Katherine, your positive energy is radiant! Keep doing what you’re doing
and expanding to share with as many people as possible.”
Debra, consultant


a smile on my face

Yeah! You’ve made it to the bottom of the page.
If you still want more–join me!!
Your creativity will thank you.

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“Katherine is a handful of glitter! Experience her glitter sparkled on YOU!”
Karen Knight, developer