I’ve worked with many a Closet Creative who is a mother. Her greatest fear is that choosing her own path amounts to abandoning her children. By moving forward despite her fear and claiming her own dreams anyway, there always comes an incredible moment of epiphany.

She gleefully celebrates a first poem or painting or blogpost and I ask her What kind of mother does that?

She suddenly really gets it. Her fear is a lie: Her courage and passion is actually a gift to her children. Not only does it not make her a terrible mother–on the contrary, she is a better mother because of it–more present, more real, more alive.

I’m working on a song with Tricia Mitchell about this very thing– called What Kind of  Mother. Here’s a preview, in celebration of Mother’s Day

What Kind of Mother

What kind of mother would choose to follow her dreams?

To make time for herself, her own needs?

What kind of mother follows her path?

What kind of mother does that?
A generous mother who gives without guilt
A authentic mother whose children claim their own dreams
A courageous mother whose kids find their own strength
A trusting mother whose children believe in themselves
An independent mother whose kids grow up strong and assured
A passionate mother whose daughters will have a life of their own
A empowered mother whose sons will marry women like her
Who wouldn’t want a mother like that?
Happy Mother’s Day!