Desire’s got a bad rap in our society. We think it dangerous, distracting– and definitely not something you can trust yourself with. But the truth is, our desires are always running us–whether we know it or not!

If we’re not aware of them, they cause us to make choices that seem on the surface to be what we want–but do not satisfy what our heart and soul desires–as well as sabotage our health, happiness and long-term fulfillment.

In my video today, I share 2 powerful questions that can put your desire to work for you– for both your short and long term pleasure.

If one of your DESIRES is to come out of the Creative Closet this year– I want to talk with you

There is nor cookie-cutter path to living a creative life and I will warn you that it is not for the faint of heart. But it is also the most fulfilling kind of life imaginable. The good news is that you do not need to do it alone! Everything I’ve developed in my 6 years of working with hundreds of creatives has been lovingly poured into my new program, the Sacred Spark Creativity Incubator–for Creative Sparks ready to bring their creative dreams to the center of their lives–lighting them up from within! 


Sacred Spark If you’ve been eyeing the invitation or thinking about applying, today is the day! My first Sacred Spark began her journey with a delicious individual retreat with me last weekend (including a henna tattoo!–which you can see on my hand as well in the video.) If you truly desire to bring your sacred Spark to the center of your life through this powerful process–just take the next step and complete an application.


There is no obligation in applying and everyone is saying what a powerful experience the process is. I’ll be talking with candidates in the next week so Sacred Sparks can get started with their Activation Sessions as soon as possible.



Sacred Spark Six-Month Creativity Incubator

an intensive 1:1 Creativity Incubator

for women who are ready to move their Sacred Creative Spark
to the center of their lives and birth their creative dreams.

Read the full invitation here:

Program acceptance is by application only

(application link is in online Invitation)



Katherine Torrini CPCC
Creative Life Coach
512. 534.1100

P.S. Please leave a comment below with your thoughts about getting to the heart of your desire.  Thank you! I treasure your responses and comments. 🙂