Cool! I could do that!

I have been making and sharing my  Tiny Creative Acts  for the last few months. My hope has always been that my beautiful, whimsical images would inspire others to say “Cool! I could do that!” and to send me their pictures.

It hasn’t really worked out that way–so I’ve been asking myself how I can encourage and inspire you to get in on the act. Hmmmm….Since I’ve always found it easier to get creative when it’s a gift for someone else, maybe it will help you too?

So…..I am asking you to make my birthday wish come true!

MY BIRTHDAY WISH: 40 for 40!

I want to receive 40 Tiny Creative Acts from my friends, my followers and Creative Sparks everywhere! Sent to me on my 4oth Birthday next Tuesday, May 22–and you’ll literally make my day!

Make Your Own Tiny Creative Act:

  • set aside 5 minutes to play (put the timer on if it helps!)
  • give yourself permission to fool around, have fun and most of all–not worry about what it looks like.
  • close your eyes and take a deep breath
  • remember when you were 6 and life was a miracle and the world was your playground
  • open your eyes, look around and find whatever’s handy–paper clips, leaves, rocks, sidewalk chalk, your lunch–anything!
  • start to play with it–move it around, see if it becomes a pattern, a shape, or a word
  • or even just doodle for a few minutes–(try crayons or sidewalk chalk)
  • snap a picture
  • send it to me!

Send me Your Tiny Creative Act on or before May 22, 2012.

(if your Inner Critic says it’s not cool enough, you just blow him a raspberry and send it anyway)

Thank you! I’ve already started celebrating and I am so excited that you will be a part of this simple little celebration of my next 40 years…..



p.s. I’m looking forward to sharing your creative generosity after the festivities are over. By sending me your Tiny Creative Acts, you give me permission to post them on my website or social media. Please let me know if you want me to tag you, list your name, link back to you , or remain annonymous…. thanks again!