The Mystery: Soy Sauce in the Journal Box??

A good friend of mine had seen the packet of soy sauce in my journal box many times before she ever asked me about it. She said she just figured it was for a sushi emergency.

“A sushi emergency?” I chuckled. “I can see it’s time to set the record straight on the soy sauce mystery!”

It may surprise you to know that soy sauce is more than just a tasty drizzle for sushi. It also makes a handy impromptu paint packet! Painting with soy sauce gives the sepia tones of an old-fashioned photograph to whatever you doodle. (Disclaimer: I make no claims as to the archival qualities of soy sauce paintings.)

This is not a sushi emergency

Mystery Resolved: for painting, not sushi emergencies!

So consider saving a packet of soy sauce from your next take-out meal to add to your journal box, along with a little brush. You’ll have tasty free paint to play with–and you’ll be prepared if a sushi emergency DOES break out near you!