My monkey mind woke me up early yesterday —whirring, whizzing, spinning, trying to WILL me to do something I’ve been procrastinating on–  the tell-tale sign that  I was stuck . again. { sigh. }

But I didn’t panic (or uselessly beat up on myself!) because I know by now that getting stuck is just a part of getting creative— and I didn’t need to stay stuck. I knew exactly what to do about it. {yeah!}   That’s because I’ve learned 3 super-important things about fear that can dissolve blocks in minutes. I know you get stuck too, Creative Sparks–so I’m sharing them with you in today’s video:

The Scary Places: 3 Things to know when you hit your blocks

Getting your fears out on paper is KEY to dissolving your blocks when you’re in the scary places. It never cease to amaze me how powerful this process is (one that I use at least 2 times a week!) I’ve made a special bonus video to walk you through my #1 Favorite Fear-Busting tool, adapted from The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. Here’s how to…

FRIP your Fears: My #1 Fear-Busting Tool 

Click on image to download printable journal template

Click on image to download printable journal template!

Download YOUR BONUS JOURNAL TEMPLATE hereFRIP journal template

I’m thrilled to report that the day that I shot this video I dove in and did exactly what I had been procrastinating on — and was out the door to mail my invitations by 3 pm, as promised. What’s even more amazing is that ….I LOVED doing it! It was so delightful that I honestly cannot believe I resisted it. But who ever said fear was rational? 😉

What are you working on? getting stuck on? busting through on? I’d love to know! Please leave a comment  below–and let me know how your FRIPs go! I cherish your responses and reply to every comment.

Wishing you a juicy, flow-filled week!


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Creative Life Coach
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P.S. Knowing you need to do a FRIP is not enough to dissolve the block. {Trust me, I have tested this!} You actually have to FRIP the fears to release the block. The good news is that you can do it in 5 minutes –which is nothing compared to what you waste procrastinating…

P.S. Please leave a comment below about your creative challenges and breakthroughs.  I treasure your responses and comments! 🙂