Some dreams take time to germinate.

Sonya getting styled for her second take

A few years ago, during a creative session with my dear friend Sonya Sophia, her vision of the “This is Why We Tap” video popped out, fully formed. Sonya’s passion and mission is teaching Emotional Freedom Technique, also know as EFT or tapping. She had lots of videos about how to tap but needed a way to powerfully communicate why it was so important to do our inner emotional work and healing through tapping.

Right Timing

But it wasn’t quite time for that project yet. So we captured the vision and tucked the idea away in a journal, ready for the right moment. Then suddenly last November, it was time! Sonya had just gotten a grant and was launching a new website with a some big visibility opportunities.

We met the Friday after Thanksgiving. My whiteboard video partner Stephen grasped Sonya’s vision right away and took the lead. She had a quick turnaround and a super ambitious vision. We accepted the challenge! The shoot was scheduled for two weeks later and the race to be ready for the big day began.

Kevin filming and Sonya directing

Preparing for the Big Day

Kevin was hired as our cameraman, music was composed, local friends were enlisted as actors (and one or two with just the right look were flown in from California!), paint was tested on T-shirts, locations were scouted, and a special vintage blackboard was ordered to get just the right look to my drawings.

On our big day, I picked up Sonya at 5:30 am for our first location shoot (scheduled early enough that our teen actor wouldn’t miss a minute of high school!) To fit all the different scenes into one day of shooting, we shot each scene in a different area of the same place—our musician in the recording studio, our teen in Stephen’s editing suite, and Sonya in the main studio.

handpainting the title cards

By 11 am we were at Sonya’s house –our second location–for the rest of the shoot. Kevin got a workout with almost a dozen inside/outside shots including walking along the sidewalk with a special gyroscope equipped hand-held gimble tripod, shooting straight down on the floor between the tripod legs and even a final shot in the tiny bathtub!

Finishing Touches

I finished the blackboard drawings and hand painted titles the day before Christmas Eve, and then several weeks of editing began. We were thrilled to deliver such a powerful message in such a creative way and expand our whiteboard video repertoire. We look forward to doing more blackboard videos and live action work!


“This is Why We Tap” Video

Make sure to give your gestating dreams and projects a little love … and pay attention if they’re telling you it’s their time to come into form!

Happy Spring,

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P.S. You can find out about Sonya Sophia’s amazing Tapping work here at One of our actors who was new to EFT actually had a breakthrough moment while tapping during the video shoot!