I got to stop time this morning. I knew as soon as my son came to me what was needed:  to stop what I was doing and simply hold space for him.

–space for him to feel
–space for him to fear
–space for him to find  the present moment–and the safety, support, and connection that is always there for him.

Of course, we talked about his anxiety about going back to school, and what he might do during the day to move past it. But it wasn’t the words or the strategies that touched us both so deeply.

After I dropped him off at school,  I was inspired to make a video about the sacred space we had shared— so that it might touch you, and your children too. (and give you permission to be a shitty housekeeper at the same time!)

The Heart of Motherhood

My personal  fulfillment at putting the BE-ing of motherhood in front of the DO-ing was profound. And the impact it had on him– well, that will be with him for the rest of his life. 

Wishing you a week of deep connection with your children,


Katherine Torrini CPCC
Creative Life Coach
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P.S. What is the heart of motherhood for you? Please leave a comment below.  I treasure your responses and comments!