You are a Sacred Creative BeingI’m excited that your Creative Guidance System is operating.
I’m excited that you’re listening.
I’m really excited because that hunger is telling you exactly what you desire.

Your soul is hungry to C.R.E.A.T.E!

Your soul is hungry for freedom.
Your soul is hungry for flow.
Your soul is hungry for color.
Your soul is hungry for PLAY!
Your soul is hungry for its true nature.
Your soul is hungry to be the sacred vessel of creation it was born to be.
Your soul is hungry for connection to creation itself  through the brilliant filament of your unique creative voice.

…but most of all your soul is hungry to T.R.A.N.S.F.O.R.M into the woman whose life just  naturally includes the irrepressible creativity, the powerful joy and divine feminine connection that your soul is hungry for.

Creativity is Your Birthright

Don’t buy the lie that you can’t have it because it would make you too happy, too radiant, too joyful, too fulfilled, too rich in spirit! That’s your Inner Critic beating you up with your very own dreams.

Creating is my natural state

Your Sacred Self-expression is your birthright. You can absolutely–without exception–have the core essence of the  juicy, creative life you desire:

  • a space of your own that is your creative haven, that welcomes and inspires you.
  • a direct line to your creative voice—one that is un-blockable and unshakable.
  • a rich body of work that witnesses and embodies your Sacred Spark.
  • the creative confidence & freedom to follow the juicy thread of inspiration– wherever it takes you!
  • a creative tribe that can really see you, champion you and lovingly call you forth.
  • a loyal following who loves & resonates with your work
  • a healthy relationship with fear—one that informs, not derails—your work.

“But HOW????” you cry! You’ve tried so hard, for so long, and you’re still struggling

Are you ready for this? Your Creative Emergence is actually WAY easier than you thought. Yes! You’re actually making it way harder than it needs to be simply because you’ve chosen to do it the HARD way (alone, unsupported, and disconnected from your Sacred Spark– through willpower, forcing, pushing, guilt-ing & shame-ing!)

The Good News

  • What you long to do is what you are supposed to do.
  • Your juicy, creative life can be a feast instead of  a struggle.
  • You don’t have to do it aloneIn fact trying to do it alone is the #1 reason it is so hard!

Your Year of Creative Emergence: Let’s Play!

If you are ready for a radically joyful approach to igniting your creativity and are ready to embrace the power of a mentor, cheerleader, and sacred guide in your Creative Emergence in 2015– Count me IN! I am delighted to announce the opening my individual mentorship program for for 2015:

an intensive 6-month private mentorship with Katherine Torrini–
for women who are ready to move their Sacred Creative Spark to the center
of their lives and light up their lives from the inside out.


Sound like F.U.N? Learn more in the Sacred Spark invitation video. (shot in my studio!)
Program acceptance is by application only ( link in online Invitation)
There are only 5 spots,filled on a first-come first-served basis,
so if you feel the call–Apply today!


If you are hungry for Creative Emergence in 2015, or if the invitation fires up you up–trust your body (lesson #1!) I encourage you to apply even if you don’t know how you could make it work. The application is a powerful coaching process that will give both of us clarity about where you are & what you need. I am committed to your Creative Emergence in 2015– and together we can co-create your next step!


Wishing you a juicy, colorful December!



 P.S.  You realize that the world needs your work, don’t you? It needs youlit up by your work! In fact, your world needs you lit up by your Sacred Spark– your children, your partner, your family, your friends, your clients, your coworkers —your people! I’d be so honored to hold and champion your Sacred Spark next year so that your world can witness the whole, divinely creative woman that you are. Yum! Find out more here


P.P.S. If you are ready– and I mean READY–to stop struggling and finally allow your Sacred Spark to shine –then I offer a surprisingly delightful journey into what you desire. Come play with me!