journal "little calendar"

“little calendar” at the back of all my journals

Intentional Reflection is built into my life — daily, weekly, monthly– (and now, yearly!) I always marvel when I fill out the “little calendar” pasted in the back of my journal and see…

  • I actually DO a surprising amount of stuff
    (take THAT, Inner Critic who says I don’t do enough!)
  • I have so much to celebrate— there are a LOT of gold stars in my days!
    (I give myself gold stars when I do something I’m proud of)
  • I see patterns and inner & outer growth I wasn’t aware of at the time
  • I really AM living the life I want to!

As amazing as I am about regular reflection, I did not actually have a YEARLY reflection process until a few years ago when I started working with mentor, teacher and collaborator Christine Arylo. She has created an annual reflection ritual that she has shared with her inner circle in the past and is sharing with the general public this year– in a free online format that makes it easy to participate from anywhere in the world. 



Super Power Reflection Ritual 

with Christine Arylo

Monday December 21

noon and 6pm PST

details & RSVP here

I’ll be there (taking really cool notes, like I do) and I invite you to come too. It is her gift to us– and a beautiful one, I can assure you. Christine is masterful about holding space for insight, wisdom, self-love –and fun!

  Now I know not everyone journals like me (I admit I’m kind of obsessive!) but I hope you will find a way to reflect on your life in a way that celebrates and integrates your journey up until now–and clears the way for juicy new possibilities in 2016. I will be at the  Super Power Reflection Ritual on Monday. Hope to see you there!



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P.S. You can enjoy the SuperPower Reflection Ritual even if you can’t be there in person–it will be recorded and sent to you if you sign up here