Rosemary is everywhere in my neighborhood. To most people, it’s just a pretty drought-tolerant plant. To me it’s an invitation to reconnect to the earth, my senses and the present moment.

Neurologically, smell is a very powerful marker of memories. To me it’s also an undeniable call to snap out of my heady thought processes and wake up to the here and now.

For many years I’ve used a simple little grounding trick when I want to instantly get my attention out of head and into the world. I stop what I’m doing for a minute and simply smell my hands. Ruffling a rosemary sprig makes this ritual truly irresistible.

Try ruffling the next rosemary plant you pass by and accept the invitation to get back into the present–or at least into a vivid memory of eating freshly-baked focaccia!

What are your little tricks for getting out of your head and into seeing, smelling and richly experiencing the world? Please share in a comment below.