Remember the feeling of Flow?

you’ll never forget it–that exquisite state of presence, connection, and effortless creativity where amazing things tumble out of you and all you can say is “it just came to me!”  It’s a giddy, intoxicating feeling –almost like  being in love (which of course it is!)

Your ideas and creations come so easily and naturally that it feels like this magical state will never end–which makes it all the more maddening when you lose it and don’t know how to get it back!

Contrary to what you might think, Creative FLOW  is NOT random and unpredictable– it’s actually quite easy to cultivate it to the point of experiencing it everyday! How would that change your life? to experience that giddy, magic of  creative flow everyday? yum!

Effortless Creativity Everyday

Just like a well-tended garden “effortlessly” produces exquisite fruit, your exquisitely-tended Creative Spirit “effortlessly” rewards you with daily creative flow– and all its colorful bounty (sketches, photographs, paintings, songs, poems, essays…). IF you tend it, of course!–which most of us have never been taught to do! (until now…)

20 Hand-painted Journals! join the Free Creative Breakthrough Call tomorrow to find out how you can get one for yourself!

20 Hand-painted Journals! join the Free Creative Breakthrough Call tomorrow to find out how you can get one for yourself!

The Care & Feeding of Your Creativity

The first step to finding FLOW is getting unstuck. If you’re not creating regularly with ease– you’ve got some stuck going on! Join the Free Creative Breakthrough Call tomorrow to take the first step towards getting the yummy flow you long for.

Exclusive Bonus!

Get on the call tomorrow to find out how you can claim one of only 20 hand-painted journals I’ve made especially for the new program I’m launching–all about the care and feeding of your creativity–so you can cultivate  all the juicy creative flow you want.

Creative Breakthrough Call

Join me tomorrow for a Creative Breakthrough Call where we’ll get you inspired, motivated, and in action on your dream project. I promise you creative demons NEVER look as scary in the light of day as they do in the dark of your mind.

April 17th, 2014

10:30 am PT/ 12:30 pm CT/1:30 pm EST

Creative Breakthrough Call:
Create the Time, Money & Inspiration to
Rock your Dream Project!


  • How do I choose between my 17 projects?
  • How do I find the time in my busy life for my creative work?
  • How do I get my family to respect my creative work time?
  • How do I stay motivated to actually finish it?
  • How do I find the money to pay for my supplies/lessons/project?

Never fear….

Faster than a speeding doubt,
able to leap Creative Blocks in single bound,
More Powerful the Your Inner Critic
It’s a Creative Breakthrough call!


Join us– so you can get unstuck, get in action around your project, and start getting your work out of your head (and heart) and out into the world. Sign up and get the details here: Free Creative Breakthrough Call tomororw.

wishing you a juicy, colorful week!


Katherine Torrini CPCC
Creative Life Coach
512. 534.1100

P.S. Getting stuck is a part of the creative process–but staying stuck doesn’t have to be! Join the fun on the Creative Breakthrough call here . Your creativity–and your loved ones–thank you! You’re so much less grumpy when you’re creating. (You knew that, didn’t you? 😉