Once upon a time, in a prosperous kingdom not that different from our own…
there lived a bright young spark named Princess Katherine. She loved to be plugged into the aliveness of the world–wherever there was something to be learned, figured out, or invented. She delighted in people as much as in art and learning. Her smile and her creativity were like rays of sunshine, lighting and warming the lives of those around her. For this she was beloved by her people, her family, and the royal court.

Possibilities, Ideas, Decisions

But all was not completely right in the land of Princess Katherine. It was SO joyful, so easy
to pick berries in the forest of possibility and to gather flowers in the fields of ideas.But, whenever she actually decided on an idea and sat down to really make it happen, something always seemed to get in her way…

I've Always wanted to try...Like the time she decided to make a make a pie and decorate it with flowers. She couldn’t have been more in love with the project. She could see it, she could taste it–this would be easy and fun!

But as she planned the recipe the ideas came faster
and faster, building until there were so many ideas that Katherine didn’t know what to do with them!

“I could put the extra flowers in a vase. I’ve always wanted to try floral design…. Oh, and then I could paint the flower arrangement…If it’s good, maybe I could even sell my painting, ooooo–I could even have a show!” Katherine squealed.
This all felt so exciting, so spectacular. Little did she
know that her evil saboteur lurked in the shadows playing one of his favorite games. By sprinkling distraction dust on Princess Katherine’s dreams they quickly began to overwhelm her rather than inspire her.The possibilities began to spiral out of control. With the grand new ideas came other voices too, that gripped her heart like a fist: What if no one likes it, what if it’s awful ?!?

overwhelmed by saboteur

Disoriented and confused, Katherine ran away from all that shouting and clamoring. She retreated to her tower to catch her breath. It was so fun to be creative, so why was it that whenever she decided on a project, actually finishing it became noisy and overwhelming?
Katherine's Pic Safe in her tower, she started to blame and doubt herself “Maybe I don’t have what it takes. The writers and artists I see just know what to do. They don’t seem to struggle with focus or motivation like me. Oh well. I’m good at other things. Maybe I’ll stick to what I can be good at and not deal with all this crazy hard stuff.” And she curled up on her bed for a nap.

captian creative to rescueLuckily for Katherine, she had a fairy godmother–or rather the personal super hero, Captain Creative, who had her eye on the princess. Captain Creative decided the time had come to step in and reveal the Inner Critic Kryptonite– the powerful weapons that would help Katherine escape from the tower, defeat distraction, sail past her Saboteur, and finally get to taste the fruits (and pie!) of her labor….to be continued……

Tune in next time as Captain Creative reveals the secrets of Inner Critic Kryptonite files…Saboteurs beware!