Learn to grow your life like a garden–not a factory.

Katherine heading to Seattle on Bainbridge Ferry

Heading back to Seattle on the Bainbridge Ferry

This time last month, I was heading back to Austin from Bainbridge Island, just off the coast of Seattle. I had just spent 3 intense days bringing the EMERGE 2019 Visioning Book into form with friend and collaborator, Christine Arylo.

I have been doing Christine’s incredible six-part visioning process as a part of the Feminine Wisdom Way since 2014 –culminating every year in a colorful painted vision altar complete with that years’ symbol, mantra, heart and soul desires, focus areas and sacred work “garden”.

Vision Altars 2014 - 2018

My Vision Altars 2014 – 2018

Until now, the visioning process came out in 6 separate booklets throughout the 6 weeks of visioning. I longed for the “textbook” for the whole process –for it to be all in one book, one workbook–complete with illustrations, worksheets, journal inquiries and coloring pages.

Christine and I met this summer in San Francisco after leading a Power Pause with a corporate client. We sat in a lovely sun-filled North Beach Italian restaurant and asked ourselves what was next for these materials we were creating – her writing and teachings and my images and templates that made her powerful practices visual, accessible and playful.

Laying out all the pieces

Laying out all the pieces of the project

Trusting the Timing

That afternoon, as the sunlight and shadows moved across our marker-strewn table and the trattoria started to fill up for dinner, we listened and intuitively “downloaded” a path for the next 2-3 years for this content. The first step was to get together in the fall for 3 days to curate the Visioning process into one printed and bound book.We picked out a week to do that, penciled it into our calendars and then went our separate ways.

When November came, it was intense and full of other projects and travel. If we hadn’t already scheduled in our creation time –and held space for it—we would never have spent that week in Bainbridge and the project would probably have been shifted to another year.

Instead, we trusted the timing and we did it! We took apart all 6 previous wisdom booklets and laid them all out on the floor of Christine’s upstairs studio. For three days, as the tides outside her windows came and went, we wove: clarifying the process, crystalizing the essential parts, removing duplication, adding context, and stitching together pieces that had yet to be written.

a few of the Visioning Templates

a few of the Visioning Templates

Weaving It All together

I sketched and penned more than 20 new templates, digitized them and edited existing ones in Photoshop. Meanwhile Christine wrote and wrote and wrote –and then laid it all out beautifully… until EMERGE became 108 pages!

One of my favorite things about Christine’s work is that it teaches you how to grow your life and work like a garden – not a factory. So of course we used these very same principles to co-create and “grow” the work itself! 

Katherine w EMERGE book

My Copy of EMERGE just arrived!

Visioning with Us

So where can you GET this EMERGE book, you ask?
Well, for this first year it will only be available to participants of the Feminine Wisdom Way. We will test and refine it within the program this year to then release a 2020 version available to the general public.

You can get a taste of the first part of the process (and the first section of the book) at the Christine’s free Solstice Reflection Ritual, which we just completed. But you’re not too late! You can enjoy the Solstice Power Pause Reflection Ritual anytime through the end of the year– click the link below to get the recording and wisdom book (illustrated by yours truly!)

Solstice Power Pause and Reflection Ritual

Solstice Power Pause
& Reflection Ritual Recording 

with Christine Arylo
illustrated by Katherine Torrini

get the recording &
wisdom book here


I hope you will join us to reflect, celebrate and integrate your journey up until now–and clear the way for juicy new possibilities to EMERGE in 2019. 

Wishing you a joyful and peaceful end of the year,
I always love to hear from you, so let me know how you are.

Happy Holidays!

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 P.S. Men are welcome to join us for the Reflection Ritual! This wisdom is for everyone. Join us here.

P.P.S If you are considering joining us for the Feminine Wisdom Way I’m happy to share more about my experience and answer your questions. just email me. 🙂