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I just did the math and realized I’ve been making animated shorts with my video partner, Stephen Bohls, for 6 years! In the spring of 2014 our boys were going to the same elementary school. One day as we dropped them off, I asked Stephen, “Want to try your hand at a whiteboard video?” My graphic recording clients had been asking for “quick-draw” and “explainer” videos and I was sure that between my storyboard skills and Stephen’s video + editing expertise we could figure out how to make one —and we did! 

In fact, the father and son with the red balloon at the beginning of both our show reels feature animation sequences from that very first demo video, “People love Pictures,” which was the beginning of our Drawmation Studios collaboration. (You can see our other show reel on the Whiteboard Video page.)

 Six years and dozens of videos later, we wanted to share some of our latest footage with you.

Want to Try Your Hand at a Whiteboard Video?

Interested in a whiteboard video of your own? We’d love to help you tell your story in a delightful and irresistible way. We are offering 20% off new videos contracted in April 2020. Reach out to katherine (at) to tell us about your project ideas!