I went camping with my kids after Christmas to get away from the house, the wrapping paper, and the post-gift grouchies. We rented a cabin in Bastrop. I loved the brass key for the cabin. It inspired me for the cover decorations.
This cover evolved over a couple of days. I felt like stitching- one of my favorite Journal Juice ideas. I was feeling bold and didn’t want to hide my stitching inside. So, I pulled out my awl and started poking holes in the cover. I had no image in mind, so I decided to create a mandala. It’s a great design “easy button” because you don’t have to know where it’s going to get started.
The other elements of the cover are a whittled stick from Bastrop and a paper tag (another fave). The final touch was a leaf my lovely assistant Sara brought back from her travels in South America. Welcome back Sara! (you can tell she’s back because I’m actually posting blogs)