It’s that time again–Birthday Wish time! I can hardly believe that a whole year has passed since I worked up the courage to ask you to make me something for my birthday– 40 Tiny Creative Acts for my big four-o birthday last year. Check  out what I got: 2012 Tiny Birthday Acts

It turned out so well, I’m doing it again. In fact, I’m making it an annual event! It’s all part of my fiendish plan to inspire easy, fun, spontaneous creativity in people all over the world–who, in turn, inspire others when they share their Tiny Creative Acts.

So…..I am asking you to make my birthday wish come true! (Making something for someone else has always been a “back door” into my creativity, so I hope it will be for you too.)

May 22, 2013: MY BIRTHDAY WISH: 40 for 41!

Playful PebblesI want to receive 40 Tiny Creative Acts from my friends, followers and Creative Sparks everywhere! Send me one on my 41st Birthday next Wednesday, May 22–and you’ll literally make my day!

How to Make Your Own Tiny Creative Act:

  • set aside 5 minutes to play (put the timer on if it helps!)
  • give yourself permission to fool around, have fun and most of all-not worry about what it looks like.
  • close your eyes and take a deep breath
  • remember when you were 6 and life was a miracle and the world was your playground
  • open your eyes, look around and find whatever’s handy-paper clips, leaves, rocks, sidewalk chalk, your lunch-anything!
  • start to play with it-move it around, see if it becomes a pattern, a shape, or a word
  • or even just doodle for a few minutes-(try crayons or sidewalk chalk)
  • snap a picture
  • send it to me!

Please send me Your Tiny Creative Act on or before May 22, 2013.

Inner Critic Alert: If your Inner Critic says yours isn’t not cool enough, you just blow him a raspberry and send it anyway! This is about getting creative, not about getting blocked!

Thank you! I so appreciate you!

 I’ve already started celebrating and I am so excited that you will be a part of this simple little celebration of my next 40 years…..


p.s. I’m looking forward to sharing all the Tiny Creative Acts I receive. By sending me your Tiny Creative Acts, you give me permission to post them on my blog, website or social media. Please let me know, if for some reason you would rather remain anonymous…