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Legendary Muse

Legendary Muse by Katherine Torrini

When I was painting my heart out earlier this year, my Inner Muse gleefully dictated a memo to me—both for my own edification and to pass on to other creative sparks who, in her opinion, needed some serious training in the care and keeping of muses. And so I share it with you, as instructed:

Memo from Your Muse:

I won’t stand for what you have come to accept as “normal”–all this insufferable pushing through, rushing past, struggling along–oh please!

I demand the best. I’m positively high maintenance in the care and attention I require. But it’s not diamonds or pearls I desire (…except when it is, of course!)

No, I want YOU– here, now, for reals to adorn me with flower petals found on the walk you took–just because.

 I want you to surround me with the scent of the bread you’ve been baking. I want you to drench me in the color of the sunset you’ve finally stopped to watch. I need you to stop TRYING so damn hard, and just surrender to the miracle of being alive.

I need you to stop pushing me away. I need you to take my calls when I want to play
I need access to you night and day. 
I am a high maintenance woman. It’s my way or the hard way. What do you say?

–your Muse

Fall for your Muse

Fall for Your MuseI said YES. And the most magical part of it all was that when I lavished her with what she required and desired, she lavished me with what I desired and required. When I took her calls, she took mine–magical!

What does your Muse desire and require? What magical goodness would she have for you if you knew–and made it your business to fulfill her needs? Hmmm…Such a juicy question! Come find out at Enchanted by the Muse Painting Retreat… if you dare!

Enchanted by the Muse header

Enchanted by the Muse Painting Retreat

A Sumptuous Romp through Paint & Process!

Austin Texas

October 19-22, 2017

This intimate retreat has room for 8 women only, so let me know if your muse wants to play! Reach out with any questions and if you are coming in from out of town, contact me for exact location and suggestions for accommodations.

A portion of the proceeds from Enchanted by the Muse will be donated to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.


Wishing you all you desire and require this week!


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P.P.S. Want to paint your heart out? Join us at Enchanted by the Muse No painting experience required!