Katherine Torrini - quote from podcast

Creative ideas and innovative teams are the precious jewels that all leaders want and need — so why is it so maddeningly hard to actually get more of them? -more good, game-changing ideas that you can implement and be successful with? The short, but frustrating, answer is that what actually fosters creativity and team innovation goes counter to almost everything you’ve been taught about how to be a productive adult and high-performing leader, and how to run a business! 🤣

Creating a culture of creativity is actually pretty simple… if you can just change how you think, what you reward your teams for, and how you define success. (Oh, and that has to happen for your team members as well.)

Yeah. So simple, but not easy.

In the July podcast of Drink From the Well with Tina Dietz, we explore the benefits and challenges of building a culture of creativity in the workplace, as well as share tips and tricks to exploring and unlocking your own creativity on the wild adventure of leadership. I joined Tina and Dr. Minette Riordan, award-winning entrepreneur and creativity advocate, for this delightful discussion about cultivating a culture of creativity, generating more team innovation, and all that comes with that.

Give it a listen!

Cultivating a Culture of Creativity – Episode Highlights & Supporting Resources

  • Distinguish between creativity and innovation in the workplace and how they’re related (4:38)
  • Identify red flags that arise when creativity is not present in the workplace (7:58)
  • Discover why people hesitate in exploring creativity despite its benefits (9:44)
  • Find out how we can start to shift cultures in the workplace to allow for more team innovation (13:07)
  • Figure out ways leaders can model the value of creativity in the workplace (15:56)
  • Learn about potential tiny creative acts you can do to get your creative juices flowing (27:26)

You can also visit the Drink From the Well podcast webpage for a Leader’s Discussion Guide to turn the podcast into a team learning activity, a full transcript of the episode, and a free mindfulness coloring page download.

And if you’re looking for more opportunities to encourage a culture of creativity in your workplace, I invite you to check out my Visual Thinking Training workshops for teams.