Normally I like hard cover journals, but when I travel I like soft covers because they are lighter — like this moleskine. I made this cover at one of my Creative Sparks Gathering in 2009. I was teaching people about collage and started using my journal as an example.  I choose a pile of Italian papers (because this was to be my Italian Journal). On their own each paper was too strong. I wanted to find a way to add them to the collage without any one pattern taking over the journal. I just started tearing the papers and sticking them on. I like tearing as a collage technique because it’s spontaneous, freeing, and my inner toddler loves the sound of ripping paper! Later while traveling in Italy, I cut out the windows.
This summer while you are traveling (or dreaming of traveling), how can you bring that feeling of ease, fun, and adventure into your journal? Your cover is a great place to start and showcase your intention!
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