Katherine Mermaid

photo by Eve Chenu

I’ve always been a do-my-own-thing kind of gal. But I’ve taken it up a few notches this last year–elevating off the “fear grid” and “madness matrix” into a delicious new way of being and doing in the world. A journey from fear to love, from the insane “normal” world—to one of my own creation, in alignment with my heart and soul. Truly divine!

Of course, I didn’t journey alone. I’ve walked (and sometimes crawled!) this path with the guidance of one of my mentors, Christine Arylo, and a circle of amazing women on their own version of the same journey. Christine has showed me how to grow my life (and business!) like a garden—rather than a factory.
Trust me—there’s no comparison!

And the best part is—I will be supporting Christine as she teaches this wisdom in 2016 in her new offering: The Feminine Super Power Year. As sacred scribe, I’ll be drawing pictures of the party and sprinkling mermaid glitter on the whole she-bang. Wanna join me? I thought so!

The Feminine Super Power Year is a lunar year devoted to living and creating the divine feminine way, with all the structure, support, sisterhood and spiritual guidance you need to truly elevate into this new way of being.

We start on the first new moon of the yearthis Saturday! If this all sounds juicy to you (and trust me, it is!), jump right over and read the invitation here. If it resonates with you– let Christine know right away so you can start visioning with us on Saturday.

Feminine Super Power Year

Feminine Super Power Year 

with Christine Arylo

starts Saturday January 9th

details & invitation here


The divine feminine is a deep well I continue to splash about in and explore.
I hope to see you there!



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P.S. Brave men are also welcome to join us in the Feminine Super Power Year! I have so many great guys on my list– I want you to know you are welcome too. This wisdom is for everyone 😉