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When we last saw our heroine the Princess, she had just discovered Inner Critic Kryptonite (I.C.K) #1 Expose it!She was thrilled, excited, and dare I say giddy with power–completewith Kung-fu fantasies of black-belt Inner Critic ninja-dom…..

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“Don’twear yourself out yet Princess,” Captain Creative said smiling as theymade their way down the tower’s dark stairs. “You’ll get your battles.But this is bigger than just your Inner Critic.”“What do youmean,” asked Princess Katherine, stepping out into the late afternoonsunshine. “I thought the Kryptonite was all about going after my InnerCritic? ”

“TheX-Ray glasses, along with all the other Kryptonite you will discover,will be invaluable. But, remember this Princess, ” Captain Creativewarned. “Your dream is more precious than all the Kryptonite in theworld. If you put too much focus on your Inner Critic, he’ll blind youto your dream and have you right where he wants you–in the palm of hishand. He’d like nothing more than to keep you running around incircles, too busy to go for your dreams. It’s the oldest trick in thebook.” “Good Grief! He’s trickier than I thought!” said the Princess, looking worried.

” Let me ask you this, Princess. Where was your Inner Criticwhen you were back up there in the tower?” Captain Creative asked. 

“Hmmm…  I don’t remember seeing him,” the Princess said.

“Ofcourse not!” Captain Creative exclaimed, “When you’re safe in yourtower, locked up from the world, your Inner Critic can nap all daylong. He only shows up to stop you when you’re going towards somethingthat really matters to you.”” So, what’s your dream, Princess?” asked Captain Creative. If you could do anything, what would you do?”


“Do anything? My dream?” the Princess muttered, soundingconfused. “I’m not used to thinking about my dreams. I’m usually sobusy with day-to-day grind of being a Princess.”

“Ofcourse! That’s what Inner Critics do–they keep you so busy,distracted, or tired, that you don’t even have time to think about yourdreams.”
“Really?” gasped the Princess. “It’s my Inner Critic that gets me to volunteer for all those committees?”  

“Iwouldn’t put it past him!” said Captain Creative. “But never fear!That’s why I’m here–It’s my job to  help you reconnect with yourdreams!”

Captain Creative asked the Princess to close her eyes and imaginestepping through a door to her dreams. In her imagination, she lookedaround and saw her passions and loves as a child, as a girl, even as agrown up! She started to remember this and that, all the things she hadalways wanted to do.

When she opened her eyes and Captain Creative asked her again ” What’s your Dream?”…. this time the Princess had an answer!


“Namewhat? ” asked the Princess. “I won’t know the name of the cookbookuntil it’s done, and doesn’t the publisher get to decide the title?”
“Nameyour DREAM,” said Captain Creative. “Your dream is a very big deal.It’s going to be your hero’s quest. You’ll be trekking all overthe kingdom and battling gremlins inside and out to get to it. You’vegotta have a good name for it–one that inspires you, gives youstrength, and helps you remember what it’s all about when the goinggets tough. Besides, when you name your dream, you make it that muchmore yours.”
“Can it be a funny name?”

“You bet! Inner Critics like funny just about as much as they like Kryptonite. The more fun the better!”

“Well, when I was little I actually got started on the Sparkle-o-Rama Best Ever Cookbook…I had almost forgotten that,” giggled the Princess. “That’s what I’ll call it!”

“You’re so much fun, when you let your hair down Princess!” 
“Ok,let’s see how we’re doing,” Captain Creative said, going through herlist. “Inner Critic X-ray glasses–check; exit tower–check; name yourdream–check. Now, it’s time to make a vision board for your dream!”

“A vision board? ” asked the Princess “What’s that?”

“Ohit’s a collage of things that remind you of your dream. Look, Ihave scissors, glue, and some old magazines right here in my utilitybelt. Just tear out pictures and words that you like and glue them downon this poster board. You can use your markers and glitter too. It’seasy!”  

Tearing and pasting was so much fun that thePrincess completely lost track of time. When she stopped and had a lookat what she’d done, at first she was thrilled. But almost withoutrealizing it, old familiar thoughts slowly crept into her mind, and shebegan to second guess herself. She felt like a wet blanket hadbeen dumped on her free-spirited happiness. 

” Hold on a minute!” thought the Princess, reaching for the Inner Critic Kryptonite X-ray glasses…



Withthe X-ray glasses on, the Princess did something she’d never donebefore. She saw her Inner Critic, exposed him, and sent him runningwith his wet blanket between his legs. The look of shock on his facewas priceless. She would remember it forever!

“I love these glasses!” squealed the Princess triumphantly.

“You did it, kiddo!” cheered Captain Creative. ” You’re anatural at Inner Critic busting! But keep those X-ray glasses handy,Princess. We haven’t seen the last of that masked man….”


To Be Continued…
Tunein next time as Captain Creative reveals Inner Critic Kryptonite #2Name It! and Princess Katherine sets out on her Sparkle-o Rama DreamJourney!

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In the Mean Time Make Your Own
Vision Board!

You can make a vision board just like the Princess!Remember to keep your X-ray glasses handy to expose your Inner Critic,as well a little notebook to write down and any “wet blanket” messagesyour Inner Critic throws your way.


Gather your Supplies:
Gluestick, scissors, paper or poster board, and magazines to tear up,plus any other supplies that makes you happy (glitter highlyrecommended!)  

The Steps:
  • Give yourself permission to play for 30 minutes and make sure your Inner Critic is off doing the dishes or watering the lawn.
  • Gather your supplies and find a comfortable spot.
  • Flipthrough magazines and rip (yes rip!) out images, words, textures that”speak” to you. When I say speak, I mean they make you say ooo!  yum!  love that!  etc.
  • After about 15 min of tearing and collecting images, get out your gluestick and paper. Start sticking the images down in any way that youlike. Feel free to decorate with glitter, stickers, whatever makes youmakes you gleefully happy.
  • That’sit! You’ve done it! Now you can display your vision board proudly ortuck it into your journal. It will help activate and manifest yourdreams either way.
Fire Vision Board Tips:
  • Don’t worry about figuring out what the images you choose mean or why the appeal to you, just listen and gather.
  • Remember to listen to what matters to you–ratherthan pictures of yachts, stacks of cash, and designer clothes. Unless,of course, those things make you tingle with aliveness and pleasure–inwhich case use ’em!
  • Please share! Post a picture of your vision board on
    The Inner Critic Kryptonite Facebook Page. Find us on Facebook
    Or tell me about it on my Blog.
    I’d love to see what you’ve done and so would everyone else! 
Adventure Club:
  • Do your vision board on the cover of your journal. (You may want to cover with clear contact paper to protect it when you’re done
  • Scan it and use it as your computer desktop
  • Take a picture of it with your phone and use it as your background
  • Continue to collect images, words, textures, colors in the pocket of your journal and sprinkle them through your pages.