ICKIn Once Upon a Time, weleft Princess Katherine hiding out in her tower and staring wide-eyedat the mysterious arrival of Captain Creative. We rejoin the Princessas Captain Creative introduces herself…

BeforePrincess Katherine could say anything, Captain Creative darted over tothe tower’s  home entertainment system. With the press of a buttona strangely familiar video popped up on the screen. “Wait aminute!–these are scenes from my own life!” the Princessexclaimed. With the glasses on the Princess began to see things she hadnever noticed before. 
“Oh, Iremember that day at the Talent Show!” she gasped. “I remember thepanic, the embarrassment, the failure!… but wait–Who’s that guy?” she asked, pointing to a shifty character in a black mask peeking out from behind the curtain.

 ThePrincess took off the glasses. Suddenly she couldn’t see him anymore.When she put them back on, he reappeared. “So these X-ray glasses letme see my Inner Critic?” she asked incredulously. She put theglasses on –and off–on–and off–just to check it wasn’t a trick.Grudgingly convinced, she paused and turned to Captain Creative, “What is my Inner Critic anyway?” 

“YourInner Critic, Princess, is nothing more than that voice of fear, guiltand self-doubt in your head. You know the one I’m talking about?” ThePrincess shook her head, knowingly.
Captain Creative went on,” It sounds like ‘you can’t,’ ‘you shouldn’t’ or ‘who do you think you are?!”  It hates change and  just wants you to stay small and safe up here in your tower, even if it makes your life miserable.”
“Why me? What have I done to deserve this?” protested Princess Katherine.
“Oh,It’s nothing personal, Princess. Everyone’s got an Inner Critic. Somepeople are just better than others at outsmarting it.”
“Great!” the Princess whined. “So what can the rest of us do?”
“Neverfear!” Captain Creative beamed.”That’s why I’m here! I’m here to showyou the Inner Critic Kryptonite and teach you its secrets. You’ll be apro in no time! Look how you’re already using #1 Expose it….
Faster than a speeding doubt,
more powerful than your Inner Critic,
able to leap creative blocks in a single bound,
It’s Inner Critic Kryptonite! 



To Be Continued…
Tune in next time as Princess Katherine takes her Inner Critic head on with Kryptonite#1 Expose It!

In the meantime, you can practice too. Inner Critc busting homework (Goody! my favorite kind!) 


Try This At Home
Put your Xray glasses on and Expose YOUR Inner Critic! 


Wear your Xray glasses this week and carry a mini-notebook withyou. Whenever you feel the Fear Phaser shining on you–simply stopfor a moment and write down any critical, fearful or worrying thoughtsyou have. Just notice them, write them down and get on with your day.
Play with being an observer of the process. Without judgement or attachment, pay attention to the following things:
  • Notice what happens before, during and after you expose your Inner Critic
  • Notice what thoughts come up again and again
  • Notice what physical sensations accompany your Inner Critic
If you haven’t got your notebook handy, write the words downanywhere–on a napkin, deposit slip or simply say them out loud. Don’tworry about fighting your Inner Critic or disproving it just yet. It’sa huge first step just to notice it. You’ll see the effect of InnerCritic Kryptonite #1: Expose  it! and you’ll be ahead of the game forInner Critc Kryptonite #2–Coming  soon!

Let me know how it goes by posting your Inner Critic’s 3 favorite low-blow lines on my blog!