We act like “I don’t know” is the worst possible answer in the world. 

It’s practically a taboo in our society not to know. Inspired recently by the wonderful book “What it is” by Lynda Barry (part art journal, part comic book, part creative memoir), I bust that taboo right open and show you why “I don’t know” is actually the secret key to what you’ve looking for all along! Here’s the video I  made to share my glee (and fully embody “not knowing” …)

“I don’t know” is the Answer You’ve Been Looking for

What happens when you REALLY let yourself move forward from a place of  “not knowing” ? What stops you? What supports you to do it anyway? Please share your story in the comments below! I treasure your responses and reply to every comment.

P.S. I’m happy to report that I’m all better now– the sore throat I had in the video is completely gone. 🙂