Many seemingly “normal” ways of thinking and acting can actually shut creativity down rather than foster it. In fact, many of these “thought habits” are actually considered the “right way” to get things done! But creativity doesn’t always play by the rules… 

How to block yourself creatively

9 Thought Habits That Can Shut You Down

1) Forcing it

All pain = no gain! Long-term sustainable creativity can’t be forced or bullied. The more pressure there is, the riskier it becomes…to risk doing something new or different — which is what creativity is!

2) Making it a BIG DEAL

Great expectations… leave no room for the small, unglamorous steps that over time can lead to great things. Focus on the PRODUCT and you’ll be too blocked to do the PRACTICE that might actually get you there one day.

3) Expecting it to “just happen”

Some sort of “container” needs to be held for anything to come into form. The trick is to have enough structure (like workshops, coaches, peer groups, etc.) without amping up the pressure too much. Thinking you shouldn’t need supportive structure is a classic Inner Critic Trick! Believe it and the creative ideas stay in your head and out of the world.

4) Indulging your Envy

Compare yourself with people who have more knowledge, skill, experience, support (and possibly talent) than you. Envy tells you what you deeply desire, but it also wraps it up in the lie that you can’t have it. Believe that lie and you’ll stay stuck.

5) Getting Too Serious

All work and no play makes you a blocked creative. Don’t believe it? Push even harder instead and maybe that creative block will go away this time…

6) Playing it Cool 

You can’t look good and get better at the same time…so if you’ve got to look good, get used to being blocked—and pretending that you’re cool with that.

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7) Going it alone

When it’s just you, yourself and your Inner Critic, you-know-who runs your life uncontested. Denying that you’re stuck and keeping it all to yourself will make sure you stay that way.

8) Making it Transactional

Treat creativity as a limited resource you need to bleed dry before it disappears … and it will!

9) Oversharing

Creative skills and projects take time to mature and blossom. The time will come when you’re ready for prime time, but sharing too much too soon (and with the wrong people) can invite feedback that shuts you down instead of grows you.


Creativity is a Renewable Resource

If any of this sounds like you, please don’t beat yourself up about it! That’s just another great way to block yourself! 🤣 The good news is that creativity is actually a very renewable resource — and small changes can get it showing up in your life again almost immediately.

Challenge: Pick just one of these thought habits to pay attention to and shift over the next month. Let me know in a comment below!

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