I’ve made plenty of mistakes as a mom.
I’ve unwittingly created plenty of High Voltage Parenting Haywire.

I used to be hard on myself for that, but I’ve come to realize that my relationship with each of my children is actually a vessel for both of our emotional & spiritual growth.

I’m a great mom precisely because I keep on showing up, doing the best I know how, making mistakes, loving–and learning. (My kiddos –now 11 and 13– are pretty awesome at that too!)

I shot this video back in May about one of my biggest parenting mistakes (and lessons!) ever.

***please note: the June 4th High Voltage Woman Tribe Gathering I talk about in the video
has been rescheduled to August 6th (more below) ***

 High Voltage Parenting Haywire Video

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The Art of the High-Voltage-Woman

A big part of  the learning I talk about in the video came from shifting from my masculine to my feminine essence when dealing with conflict with my son. I learned much of that from Rachael Jayne Groover’ s work on the Art of Feminine Presence. That’s why I’ve invited her to be our guest expert on next week’s High Voltage Woman Tribe Gathering.

Rachael Jayne

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Your High Voltage purpose–no matter how large or small–means leading and inspiring others to join you on your mission. This is true whether you are starting a movementleading a teamattracting clients in your business, or leading your family. But how do you powerfully step into your leadership without intimidating, domineering, or losing connection? You activate your High Voltage feminine magnetism and, that’s how! 

Join us August 6th
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