I’ve always had good relationships with men. ( That is, once I got out of high school, where I couldn’t get a guy to dance with me even if I did the asking! …which I chalk up to being just too High Voltage for my adolescent male cohorts….)

It’s a gift that I know many women have not experienced. I attribute much of it to having had a pretty amazing father.  He would have been 74 this week, but he died of cancer my second year in college.  I wish I could have had him for longer– but the 20 years he was a part of my life profoundly impacted my expectations of men— and the level of honesty, integrity, and commitment that was “normal” in relationships.

But, ironically,  always having  great men in my life also brought about a subtly self-sabotaging relationship habit that I had for most of my life!

I tell you all about it— and how I stopped– in today’s video.


Am I the only woman who’s done this??   Please leave a comment  below and let me know if you’ve ever done it too–or some other High Voltage Relationship Haywire (including the how you’ve (re)-designed your relationships.) 

The Art of the High-Voltage-Woman

As a High Voltage Woman, love & relationships can be an incredibly rich and satisfying part of your life– and they can also be maddeningly frustrating if you’re trying fit into someone else’s mold of who you “should” be.

The key to success is being your full High Voltage self–and daring to design your relationships around who you really are and what you truly desire! How, you ask? Join us for our second High Voltage Tribe Gathering where we’ll dive deep into just that! 

Free High Voltage Woman Tribe Gathering May 7th:

Love on Fire!

A Daring Design for

High Voltage Sex & Relationships

with Rad Love Expert Natalie Vartanian



Natalie Vartanian, Rad Love Coach & Guest Expert on High Voltage Tribe Gathering

Natalie Vartanian, Rad Love Coach
& Guest Expert on High Voltage Tribe Gathering

You will create our own unique blueprint of your juiciest, most authentic, no-holds-barred, fully-expressed relationship & love life, guided by guest expert radical sex & love coach Natalie Vartanian.

You will learn how to STOP:

  • “Settling” in sex & relationships
  • Questioning & Doubting your desires & actions
  • Choosing incompatible partners
  • Scaring off compatible ones
  • Dealing with jealousy when you shine

Get intentional and High Voltage about how you design your relationships–so they can support you to SHINE as you do your great work in the world. Join us and invite your friends!

 This High Voltage Tribe Gathering will be extra special as Zoe and & I will be meeting  in Sedona, Arizona for a personal planning retreat to create our big High Voltage event this Fall– AND you don’t want to miss an evening with the amazing Natalie Vartanian! Come play with us! Join the party here.


Wishing you a delightful High Voltage week!


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Creative Life Coach
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P.S. Please leave a comment below about your High Voltage Relationship Haywire–or relationship design.  Thank you! I treasure your responses and comments. 🙂

P.P.S.  Afraid no one will love you if you show up as your full High Voltage self? Not so! It’s actually the KEY to your success– in love and life.   Join us –and dare to design your dream relationship!