I’ve always had a special love for my Closet Creative clients who were moms.

…the wanna-be crafters, etsy-shop owners and jewelers
…the wish-I could bloggers, essayists, and novelists
…the afraid-I-can’t illustrators, painters  and photographers
…the dying-to-speak-my-truth songwriters, singers, and public speakers
…and last but not least…
…the don’t-know-what-category-I-am-but-I-cannot-die-without-finding-out! moms

Your heart is a compass...

I never knew exactly why I was so drawn to free and to feed the creativity of mothers…. until now…

The answer hit me like an icy rain as I spoke to a mother of 2 little girls in rural California last week. She had tasted the magic of music in her youth—the exquisite flow of singing, writing and performing her own music. She had never forgotten it—not in all the years that  she hadn’t been playing, not in all the years she had been shut down, not in all the years spent as a “mommy martyr.” She ached to fell that alive again.

She made a promise during our Creative Breakthrough session—a sacred vow to

…always, no matter what, make time for my music.”

With this vow she chose to break the cycle of  a woman belittling her dreams, discounting her desires and downplaying her gifts that had been handed down to her literally for generations–from her mother, her grandmother, and her great-grandmother.

She cut the inherited chain of limiting beliefs and took a stand for passing something very different on to her two little girls. In that moment, she chose to BE the kind of woman she wants her daughters to grow up to be. I know she will keep that vow—for her own sake and for her daughters’ sake.

You teach the world how to treat you
by how you treat yourself.

 You teach your daughter how to
honor her dreams
by how you honor your own dreams.

Bottom line:  Your children need you to be the whole woman that you are. And to be the whole woman that you are,you need to free and feed your creativity.

Now if you’ve got a Mommy-Martyr Inner Critic saying things like… “I’m so busy! Who has the time?” “I wouldn’t know where to start,” “I don’t need support, I just need more discipline,”  blah, blah, blah….”

Here’s what you need to know:

  • if you’re not feeding your creative soul, you’re only giving your family half the woman that you are.
  • They know. Resentment and repression are impossible to hide.
  • Your daughters will follow your lead and grow up to be moms who hide and belittle their true selves.
  • Martyrdom is not an act of service, it is an act of fear. It uses busy-ness and over-commitment as an excuse to stay safely stuck— and to avoid the vulnerability that creative expression requires.

I get it! Your deepest  fear is that having a creative life of your own amounts to abandoning your children.

That fear is a lie. The courage, passion and vulnerability it takes to live your creative life are actually a gift to your children. Not only does it NOT make you a terrible mother to pursue your creative dreams–on the contrary–you are a better mother because of it.
More present. More real. More alive. More you!


 Creative Breakthrough Camp

I know, I know– it’s not as easy to figure it all out by yourself! (good thing you don’t have to!)
I’ve created Creative Breakthrough Camp especially for moms like you
who are ready to unleash and nurture their creativity before summer!

Camp starts on Thursday– fly with us!
Find out all the details here.


Creative Breakthrough Camp: YOUR chance to Get Unstuck, Get Inspired  & Get Creative--before summer!

Creative Breakthrough Camp: YOUR chance to Get Unstuck, Get Inspired & Get Creative–before summer!

How will your daughters take flight
if they have never seen you fly?


P.S. What kind of example would you love to show your daughters? Please share in the comments below!

P.P.S. Give your kids M.O.M (More of ME!) by filling your own creative well first. When you fill it to over-flowing…it will! (and THAT is the good stuff they will never forget!)