Don’t think you have to always be alone or at home when you journal. As you are out and about this summer–whether its around the corner or around the world–take your journal with you! Throw your stuff in a bag and you can take your journal practice anywhere. I recommend having a dedicated journal bag with all your stuff for spontaneous outings.I’ve always loved “guerrilla” sketching–drawing people out in public places without them even knowing it.You can do this in a coffee shop, on a park bench, and even at the movies. (Yes! You can draw the people in the row in front of you, do quick gestures of film characters, or just make inspired doodles. This works especially well with animated movies.)

Guerrilla Journaling: People to sketch are all around you!


I even took my journal to my own group coaching meeting the other night. (my turn to get coached, not be the coach). I had plenty of time while each person talked to sketch them.
Since everyone sat relatively still for a while I had time to get more details of fabric and faces than I usually can in a guerrilla sketch.I love words as much as pictures–and combining the two the best of all. So I just added important words from the conversation that resonated with me right into the drawing as they came up.Where do you like to do guerrilla journaling? What are the delights and pitfalls you have found? Share your experiences in a comment below.