Paula fills the well

A long-time client texted me last month to share her ah-ha: When I fill the well…my creativity overflows!…ta-dah!

Now, Paula knew that already, of course. She’d had that ah-ha before (more than once!) But it can be the simplest things that we forget when we need them most. (Our Inner Critics actually make it that way, but that’s another blogpost…)

Bottom line: if you’re feeling stuck, don’t spend another minute asking yourself why or fussing about what to do (classic Inner Critic strategies to keep you bamboozled) — JUST FILL the WELL!

What fills the well? FUN! PLAY! DELIGHT! Basically anything that makes you smile fills the well. If you’ve forgotten how to do that, ask a kid in your life to show you how (or let me teach you in My Juicy Journal eCourse starting April 1st!)

The equivalent is being tired and agonizing about what to do about it–just take a nap or get a good night’s sleep!…ta-dah!….
When you’re tired, you just need rest.
When you’re hungry, you just need food.
When you are creatively blocked,
you just need to fill the well….ta-dah….!

Fill the Well the fun & easy way: Journaling!



Just five minutes of creative play can change your whole day. It  juices up your creativity the way a good night’s sleep transforms your grouchy mood.  A month of creative play can change your life. What would your life  be like if  inspiration and joy effortlessly poured out of you? Come find out! (Worst case scenario, you’ll have a completed 100 page journal of the experiment…and you won’t win the Creative Spark Coaching session raffled off to finishers the 30-day challenge )


The party starts April 1st!

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wishing you a juicy, colorful week & a full well


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