What is the Beauty Way?BEAUTY has both drawn me and confused me for as long as I can remember.

I need it, no less than food and water.
I feel pain at its loss, joy at its return.
It shelters my spirit with hope,
and makes my heart sing like the sunrise.
It is the highest expression of potential,
joy crystallized into form,
a call and a reason to create, to love,
to be alive.

The dark side of BEAUTY 

For years, I was confused by what looked like, what sounded like beauty,
but was twisted and distorted by fear, scarcity, comparison and jealousy.
(the “beauty” industry, eating disorders, manipulative advertising to name a few.)
…and there were other lies… (either stated or implied)
…that beauty was mere “impractical, decoration”, an “extra” to be indulged— once your work was done.
…and worse yet, –from art school itself!– that creating beautiful things (rather than edgy or shocking things)
was uncool, naive, sappy– and even kind of …sad.

I understand BEAUTY better now. 

I can now say, with deep knowing,
that beauty is my nature and my calling.
I wrote a few years ago in a poem:
“I am a disciple of beauty” —
and it has never been more true!
The only thing that has changed
is that I am no longer ashamed of it.

You are my Heroes! 

You, who see joy in a tone, or a tint, or a weave, or a word.
You, who dare to create beauty in the wasteland,
–Know that you are my heroes!
my saviors, my kindred spirits.
You remind me that I am not alone,
that this life is gloriously worth living,
and beauty, gloriously worth creating.
–Know that what you create
has real value and
that your beauty elevates our world.


May beauty ever light your way.
May you never feel alone
in your love of what can be.
May you always trust
the magic only you can see.
May you always honor
the refracting prism
that you are–
revealing rainbows
where others see only sky.


Where in the world has Katherine been?

All over! ( Seattle, New Orleans, San Francisco, St Louis, Dallas, Houston, to name a few!)

I am delighted to say that in this sabbatical (yes, it’s been 6 months since I posted or write to you!) I have been richly supported by the universe as I have delved deeply in to the nature of beauty and other spiritual truths. That has often looked like me flying around the country drawing pictures of people’s meetings! It’s the visual magic called graphic recording and it has become a wonderful patron of all my other creative endeavors. (that’s why I’ve been so quiet. Thank you to all of you who have reached out to check on me! 🙂 I am looking forward to a quiet fall/winter and a continuation of my creative and spiritual journeys next year– this time through PAINT! More on that in the new year…. 😉

May BEAUTY light your way …and ever invite you to play!


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P.S If you want to delve into your relationship with beauty, here is the book that cracked my heart open and inspired this post:

Beauty: The Invisible Embrace by John O’Donohue. (I highly recommend the audio book–his strong Irish accent is enchanting and sculpts the poetic conversation in a glorious way!)

P.P.S. Let me know who you are, fellow disciples of BEAUTY! Post below and let me know how you find beauty where it would seem that there was none? Tiny Creative Acts are my medicine and my prayer. What are yours?