in my head
Leave me alone!
Get outta my bed!

I could sleep
in peace
but you come
in war
slithering darkly
‘cross my floor.

I’m tired. I’m wired.
panic is coursing through my veins.
my heart is gripped by primal fear
of what? –it’s not exactly clear.
but no matter!
the impending doom is real,
or so urges your incessant chatter.

How does my Inner Hero
sleep so sound?!
She should know by now
It’s nighttime that I need
my bodyguard in town.

I’m sick of this–Enough!

I’ll have to handle this myself.
groping through the darkness
for my notepad on the shelf.

my pencil scratching,
the only sound
my heart already
begins to pound
more slowly.
can’t see a thing,
but the words are there.

demon boy has retreated to the chair.