Disappointment holds our desires–and our dreams– hostage.

Which is why I have embarked on a bold experiment to figure out exactly what disappointment is and why we are so damned scared of it! You may not walk around feeling your life driven by the fear of disappointment. But rest assured, that individually, and as a society, we are terrified of disappointment.

  • “Don’t get your hopes up!”
  • “Don’t count your chicken before they’re hatched”
  • “We need to manage our expectations here…”

We are so “disappointment-averse”, that we’ll do almost anything to avoid it–including sabotage our own dreams and happiness.

So in today’s video, I dare myself (and you) to disappoint!

 Dare to Disappoint!

To follow our dreams and live a creative life, we must learn to hear and trust our desires. (That’s because our creative urges are our creative compass!)

Follow (and join!) the experiment here in my blog comments. I’ll share my dare–and I want to hear yours too!  

  • How bad can it be? Will we survive?
  • What exactly IS disappointment, anyway? sadness? grief? anger? jealousy?
  • What could be my new relationship with disappointment?  (could I learn to love it???)

Stay tuned.. and dare to get those hopes up!