How often do you just hang out with your creativity? If the answer is never, you are not alone! When people think of getting creative, it’s almost always focused on a creative project –something they want to make, or do. Now, creative projects are super important — but they are actually only one part of a deeply fulfilling creative life.

For sustained and JOY-ful, “it-just-came-to-me” creative flow, it’s critical that you do more than just WORK with your creativity– you’ve got to PLAY with it too!

Creativity is a Relationship

If you don’t ever hang out together, your relationship with your creativity is probably kind of abstract and remote–more like a penpal than a BFF. So how do you just hang out with your creativity? through a creative practice!

But how is a creative PRACTICE different from a creative PROJECT? A creative PRACTICE is more like a game than a goal, more about fun than finishing and more about process than product (a.k.a. PLAY!)🤣

A cozy living room to hang out with your creativity

A creative practice can look like many things, but my favorite is visual journaling.

My journal is the cozy living room where I hang out with my creativity on a daily basis. And the more I hang out there, the juicer my life — and my creative projects get! That cozy, BFF journal practice is what I teach in my foundational creativity course, My Juicy Journal.

Invite Your Creativity for a month-long visit! 

You can always start again, even if you’ve had a long-distance (or on-again-off-again) relationship with your creativity. This October, invite your creativity to “stay at your place” through a daily date with unproductive fun in  My Juicy Journal.

Here’s the big secret: My Juicy Journal is not actually about the journal! — it’s about making a regular creative practice easy, accessible and irresistible!

It is such a joy to share one my favorite things with you 🙏…which is also one of the most powerful creativity (and life!) tools I know! 🙏

Let me know if you have any questions about My Juicy Journal — your question might just be on someone else’s mind too.

Wishing you a juicy, colorful weekend!