Get it doneYou are a Creative Genius! Yes–you really are (even if you don’t always feel like one.)

Sam Bennett, founder of the Organized Artist Company, is here to tell you why. She has just published a fun and fabulous book on creative productivity, Get it Done! From Procrastination to Creative Genius in 15 minutes a Day.

It’s full of all kinds of juicy stuff including:

  • how procrastination is creative genius in disguise
  • how :15 minutes a day on your project is the secret to creative productivity
  • one “magic” word that diffuses troublesome creative criticism and praise
  • there is no limit to what you can earn as an creative genius.
  • and more!

Sam Bennett

Sam is also offering a live Get it Done! Workshop for those of us that like to not just read the book, but take the class. (That would be me!) It starts next week, March 18th, so if you’d like to check it out, you can do that here.

Have a read and let me know what you think! And please chime in with a comment on my blog about what helps you get your creative (and worldly) work done–from the book or your own creative genius methods.


wishing you a juicy, productive week!


Katherine Torrini CPCC
Creative Life Coach
512. 534.1100

P.S. If your creative genius is writing (and for so many of you it is!) Then you won’t want to miss the Writership program co-founded by Jennifer Hritz, a long-time friend and client. (whose first two award-winning books I have been honored to be a part of!)

If you set sail with them, be sure to use the special coupon code “KATHERINE” to save $50 off total program or $5/month off the payment plan. (how delightful–I’ve never had a coupon code named after me before!)

Writership is a virtual year-long program committed to guiding and supporting writers from all walks of life to more easily access their creative genius, release their fear, hone their craft, and most importantly, tell their stories.

Writership Registration closes March 15th. You can find out all about it (as well as their free writing workshops) at


P.P.S. I am a big fan and a proud affiliate for both The Organized Artist Company and Writership, so while you’re never under any obligation to do or buy anything, you should know that if you do make a purchase, I may get a referral fee from them. I trust you to do your own research and only buy stuff that you know is right for you. Good? Good.