I asked myself this morning:

“If I already know what I want to do today and I am rearing to go, what use is there in doing my pages?
Is there really any point in whipping out 3 perfunctory pages of nothing just to say I did?”
What the heck, I said to myself, I’ll just do something and then get on to the “real” stuff ……
Coffee Shop Art: Ticket Bird
Coffee Shop Art: Sweet Sun
 Here’s what I wrote on the rays of Sweet Sun:
….use what you have
….do what makes you smile
…don’t worry who’s lookin’! (they probably want to play too!)
…go ahead: waste something in the name of art (the sugar packets!)
…can’t think of words? pick a color…
…when in doubt, turn the page
…just start!
Wow! I’m so glad I took the time to be “perfunctory”…..How about you?