A Valentine to myself….I love the way you turn your angst into art!
I love that you start your Saturdays with Yoga.
red heartI LOVE that you finally got blue highlights-so FUN!

I love that you spontaneously wrote this newsletter!
I love that you wrote valentines (like this) to your kids!
I love that you’re knitting a blue scarf to match your hair.

I LOVE your courage, your fierceness and your boldness

I also LOVE your softness, your quietness and your shyness.
I love that you keep thinking, noticing, feeling and learning.
I love that you’ve found and made friends that love you and lift you high.
I love that you keep at things that matter to you, even when it gets hard.
I love that you journal every damn day! It’s not true that you’re inconsistent!
I love that you figured out how to make exercise a natural, easy part of your life.
I love the way you can dress up on a dime and wear peacock feathers in your hair!

I love that you make the bed in the morning and create a little oasis of order in your life.
I love that you clear you desk off and leave your studio clean and ready for play. (most days)
I love that you are willing to examine and un-collapse your beliefs, judgements, and assumptions.
I love your mango, and papaya colored sheets and bedding! They make me happy every single day.   
love, me
Now write yourself a Valentine! Set a timer for :15 minutes and just keep writing until it rings. easy-peasy!
Extra Credit:

Start your journal each day this week with a mini-Valentine to yourself.

Hint: If you’re having trouble, write a valentine to a loved one first, to get the gratitude juices flowing.  If you’re still having trouble with a self-love valentine, imagine your loved one writing one to you!