Kids are the future–and creativity is key to their future. 

So how do you nurture your child’s creativity?

7 years ago, I taught my first art class: a delightful parent/child class called ArtPlay: you & me. There was a special evening seminar just for the parents called Nurturing Your Child’s Creativity. It was full of great tools and research and (when I could get the parents to come out in the evening), they ate it up.

But I stopped teaching it (and kids classes all together!) when I realized the single most powerful strategy to nurturing your child’s creativity has nothing to do with your kids at all!

That’s what today’s video is all about.


Creative Breakthrough Session

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Creative Breakthrough Sessions

Last Month’s Creative Breakthrough Tele-Call was such a hit–and awakened so many creative dreams–that I have decided to offer complimentary 1:1 Creative Breakthrough sessions for a limited time.

If you are inspired by the video to be the woman you want your daughters to be — or be the kind of woman you want your sons to choose, I can help you break through whatever’s getting in your way.

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Creative Breakthrough Session

Remember–your creativity is always working! It’s either creating possibility, innovative solutions, and magic– or anxiety, fear and worst-case scenarios. Put your personal super-power of creativity to work for you instead of against you with a Creative Breakthrough Session. It will be way more fun (and not nearly as dangerous) as your Inner Critic is claiming right now.

P.S. Kids agree: Creatively-blocked moms are 87% grouchier, 64% more resentful and yell 42% more at their kids than un-blocked moms. Just think of doing a Creative Breakthrough Session as one more sacrifice you make for them. 😉