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Creative Life Coach

Allison has been working as a Creative Life Coach for Katherine for over 2 years, and has been working with Katherine for over 5 years–evolving from being a client, to a workshop student, to a workshop assistant, to a coach, presenter and teacher.

Allison presents workshops on Inner Critic Busting and Juicy Journaling at conferences and events throughout Texas and and the US. Most recently she’s brought juicy journaling to PeerFest in Corpus Christi,sponsored by a grant from the Hogg Foundation.

Allison also works with clients one-on-one to transform the path towards their goals from a chore they have to psych themselves up for— into a game they can’t resist playing.

Her humor, wisdom, and down-to-earth exuberance for life create a safe, nurturing space for your innate creativity to come out and play.



Graphic Recorder

Katherine met Sharon in a weekend art class when she turned around and saw Sharon’s sketchbook and exclaimed “Honey, we need to talk!” Sharon had been a visual recorder for decades without realizing there was a whole professional field specializing in what she was doing–the live graphic capture of events.

Sharon has been working with Katherine ever since, developing her style, collaborating on multi-graphic recorder jobs and bringing visual magic to our clients in Austin and around the country.

Her years as a lettering artist She brings her background as an artist, teacher and master calligrapher to the team….

Sharon specializes in Graphic Recording, Graphic Walls, Sketchnotes and Custom Charts, as well as leading Visual Thinking Training.

When she’s not graphic recording, teaching, sketching, painting (or leading art tours to Italy) Sharon is busy swimming, playing the piano, hanging out with her husband & daughters and dancing with the Austin Samba School.



Whiteboard Video Partner

Stephen Bohls co-founded Drawmation Studios with Katherine in 2014 to make the whiteboard videos clients kept asking her for. Stephen is a filmmaker and digital video editor with a specialty in music, documentary and graphic design. An editor since 1994, he has cut hundreds of projects including national commercial campaigns, documentaries, feature films, and scores of music videos.

He brings over 20 years of experience to every edit he makes, and has a special ear for what works in the realm of sound. He works on a state-of-the-art Avid Media Composer  with Adobe Creative Cloud graphics support.

When he’s not shooting and editing video, he travels, hones his 100-mile-an-hour tennis serve and teaches elementary school kids stop motion animation using his vast Lego brick collection (one of the largest in the known universe.)